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ACH comments on his departure from Ring of Honor

ACH recently spoke with about his departure from Ring of Honor and more. For those who may have missed it, ACH and Ring of Honor have come to a verbal agreement on a mutual release. ROH made the decision recently instead of waiting for the contract to expire. ACH said that despite some reports of bad blood between the two sides, there is no bad blood and ACH noted that he loves everyone in the front office, which includes Greg Gilleland, Joe Koff, and Kevin Kelly. “ Lot of people don’t realize the issue with me missing my flight had nothing to do with what was being reported. I learned from that situation. Even when I’m not at fault, I still need to be in control. A lot of people don’t know the story behind the missed flight,” ACH said.

ACH noted that he learned from that mistake and that’s all he could do. He felt like he was stale in ROH towards the end. ACH said that ROH officials told him that he wasn’t stale, but he knew he was. “The fact that they let me out of my contract early shows that they are good people,” ACH said. He added that he appreciated that they did that for him. He knows what his future holds, and that is the most exciting part of the next chapter in his career as he feels like his career as just begun because he is in control. A couple of months ago he didn’t feel like that but now he does, and he is confident that he can make the right decisions for himself. “Ring of Honor treated me so well and I’m truly blessed for it, but I got comfortable there. Now I feel like I’m in control of my destiny,” ACH said.

ACH also talked about his future with New Japan Pro Wrestling and more. Click here to read the entire interview.


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