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Anthony Joshua defeats Andy Ruiz Jr. via unanimous decision to win unified heavyweight championship

The most anticipated boxing rematch of the year took place on Saturday, December 7, 2019 in Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz, Jr. faced off one more time after June’s fight that saw Ruiz score a shocking upset that many compared to Buster Douglas’ upset of Mike Tyson in 1990.

Joshua was the betting favorite going into this fight. Ruiz weighed in 16 pounds heavier on Friday at the weigh-ins.

Round 1: Ruiz pressed forward during this round and was composed but he ate a couple of shots and one of them cut open him open above his left eye. It wasn’t a bad cut.

Round 2: Ruiz’s cut was opened up more after taking a right hand from Joshua. Ruiz press forward during this round and Joshua looked good too and he was more effective with his jabs. Joshua was cut and had blood over his left eye.

Round 3: Joshua looked good in this round but Ruiz also got in some nice jabs. The announcers pointed out how Joshua is moving around better in this fight since dropping 10 pounds.

Round 4: Joshua hit some hard rights but Ruiz landed some punches in the clinch as the round came to a close. It can swing any way if it goes to the judges but it looks like Joshua is winning so far.

Round 5: Joshua landed some nice jabs and seemed more confident this round. Ruiz looked like he got a little frustrated in this round.

Round 6: The weight gain may be a detriment to Ruiz because he appeared to be slowing down during this round. At this point, he will need a KO to win because it looks like Joshua has most of these rounds won so far. Ruiz was picked apart in this round.

Round 7: Joshua dominated this round again. Ruiz appeared frustrated towards the end of the round because he took a swipe after the bell. Ruiz was able to land some shots but the harder blows came from Joshua.

Round 8: Ruiz hit a flurry of punches on Joshua near the ropes. Ruiz landed another flurry towards the final seconds. This was the best Ruiz has looked so far.

Round 9: Joshua landed a big right hand but Ruiz came back with shots of his own as the round ended. Ruiz looks much better than he did for the first 7 rounds.

Round 10: Ruiz hit a shot to the jaw but Joshua hit a snapping jab. Joshua has this fight won if he doesn’t get knocked out.

Round 11: Ruiz advanced but Joshua landed several jabs during this round.

Round 12: Nothing changed here. Joshua landed more hard shots. Joshua knows he won the fight. Joshua threw the most jabs in his career in this round, according to CompuBox.

118-100, 1198-100, 119-109, all three scorecards to Joshua.


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