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Bellator 137: Grove vs. Halsey play-by-play results

[Show: Bellator 137 ] [Location: Temecula, California] [Date: 5/15/15] 


Welterweight: Ricky Rainey def. Jesse Juarez via knockout (strikes) – Round 2, 1:13

Featherweight: Jordan Parsons def. Julio Cesar Neves Jr. via submission (arm-triangle choke) – Round 3, 4:09

Bantamweight: Joe Taimanglo def. Antonio Duarte via knockout (punch) – Round 3, 1:00

Light Heavyweight: Virgil Zwicker def. Razak Al-Hassan via knockout (strikes) – Round 1, 3:51

Middleweight: A.J. Matthews vs. Ben Reiter

MAIN CARD (Spike TV/9 p.m. ET)

Bantamweight: Darrion Caldwell vs. Rafael Silva

Round 1: Caldwell with a head kick to start off the round, Silva just misses a left jab. Silva went for a takedown, but stuffed. Silva then switched and moved in on a single leg, but Caldwell tossed him aside and got on top. Caldwell in half guard at 3:37, he lands some elbows from the top. Silva pops his hips, but Caldwell keeps him grounded. Caldwell now in guard, Spike TV is having some serious technical issues. Caldwell is not doing much while in this dominant position. Caldwell moved to side control at 1:40. Silva is trying to get off his back and get back to his feet, but Caldwell stays on him by landing some stiff elbows to the temple of Silva.

Round 2: Caldwell continues to mix up his strikes with punches and kicks that's throwing Silva off his game. Caldwell is using his range very well compared to a tight Silva. Caldwell shot in on a single leg, Silva sprawled into a guillotine choke. Caldwell hangs on to his left leg, Silva drops down and commits to it. silva has it in guard, but Caldwell is going to get out after a lengthy hold on that choke. Caldwell in guard at 2:26 and working him over with elbows. Silva switches off his back, grabbed Caldwell’s heel. He wants that heel hook, but lets it go. Silva clinches and presses Caldwell on the fence. Caldwell pulls guard and is on his back. Silva in half guard, then into guard where he finishes out the round on top.

Round 3: Silva starts to attack Caldwell’s legs by using kicks. Silva shot in a single leg, but stuffed by Caldwell and they clinch. Silva with a body lock while pressed up against that catch. Caldwell with a nice throw that sends Silva to his back at 3:13. Silva tries grabbed the neck of Caldwell for a choke while working off his back. Caldwell stays on him while working over the face of Silva with elbows. Silva’s ground game is weak. Caldwell lets him up with just over a minute and they exchange leg kicks. Caldwell shot in on a double leg and got it. He ends the round on top in guard.

Result: Darrion Caldwell def. Rafael "Morcego" Silva via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Welterweight: Fernando Gonzalez vs. Curtis Millender

Round 1: Curtis with a superman punch followed by a body kick. Gonzalez is tight while Curtis is just throwing strikes with no worry. Gonzalez landed a left hook. Curtis starts working over Gonzalez’s legs so he clinches and presses him onto the fence. Curtis separated at 2:13, Gonzalez is starting to work over the body of Curtis with strikes. I think the reach is starting to get to him as he is a smaller fighter. Gonzalez presses forward with strikes, but misses all of them. Range, reach = disadvantage. Curtis lands a good left, right combo. Gonzalez got a body lock that sends Curtis to the ground on his back. Gonzalez with hammer fists as the round ends.

Round 2: Curtis is trying set up his jab, but can’t as Gonzalez throws a flurry of strikes anytime he gets near Curtis. This leads to Curtis throwing a left jab as well as a right leg kick. Gonzalez shot in a single leg, but Curtis sprawled and tossed him away. They exchange strikes to end a less than stellar round.

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Round 3: Gonzalez did a jumping guillotine choke into his guard and Curtis taps.

Result: Fernando Gonzalez def. Curtis Millender via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 3, 1:14

Bantamweight: Eduardo Dantas vs. Mike Richman

Round 1: No glove touch, Richman threw a kick, but it was caught and Dantas gets an early double leg takedown. Richman back to his feet, they clinch and lay on the fence. Dantas gets him down with a body lock into a drag off the fence. Dantas on top in half guard while holding Richman down with wrist control. Richman scrambled off his back and to his feet. they separate, Dantas shot in on a single leg and got it. Dantas in guard at 2:21. Richman scrambled off his back and to his feet. Dantas starts throwing leg kicks. Dantas shot in for a double-leg, but when Richman went down to get a choke in, Dantas backed out and the round ended.

Round 2: Dantas tried to shoot in as soon as the bell rings, but stuffed. He went for a second-one, but had no luck. Richman is starting to open up and throwing more hands. Dantas is sensing this and trying to get a takedown. Dantas shot in on a single leg, but stuffed. Richman went for another choke, but let it go. Halfway through the round, it’s like a repeat. Dantas

Round 3: Dantas landed a straight right hand. Richman is starting to just throw for the fences and it’s showing. Richman with a wild spinning back fist, but missed and Dantas got the single leg takedown he’s been working for. Dantas has plenty of time to work with over half the round to go while in guard when he’s landing some big shots. Richman gets back to his feet, Dantas stays on him with the clinch attempt up against the fence. They’re separated, Dantas shot in on a single leg, but stuffed. they exchange to the bell.

Result: Eduardo Dantas def. Mike Richman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bellator Middleweight Championship: Brandon Halsey (c) vs. Kendall Grove

Round 1: Halsey with a wide stance, he throws a body kick and then shot in on a single leg. He gets the takedown, he puts Grove on his back. Halsey gets into mount, he locked in a side choke. Grove gives up his back, Halsey takes it and locks in an arm triangle/rear-naked choke. Halsey starts throwing punches from the back. Groove is in trouble. Halsey with some elbows, forearm smashes. Groves goes into guard with Halsey on top. Halsey went for a leglock, but quickly let it go. He went for it again, Grove stands up and starts throwing hammer fists. Halsey gets him back down, he cleared the legs of Grove and gets the back of Grove. Halsey with some hammer fists, Grove spins back into guard. Grove with an upkick and back to their feet. They swing to close a very entertaining round one.

Round 2: Halsey has slowed down since round-one and Grove is starting to loosen up. Grove with a right hook, Halsey looks for the body lock takedown within the clinch and gets it. Halsey tweaks his hips while going down and lands on top. Halsey inside control, he lands some elbows on top.

Round 3: Halsey gets an early takedown, he gets half guard and lays in some serious elbows from the top. That was the entire round.

Round 4: Halsey looks to be energized. He landed an overhand right that stunned Grove. However, Grove locked guillotine choke. Halsey landed a big right hand that led to him getting a double leg takedown at 4:08. Halsey with some big shots, but Grove went for an arm bar. Halsey broke it and landed some big shots that hurt Grove. What heart! Halsey with some big right hands that ends the fight!
Result: Brandon Halsey def. Kendall Grove via TKO (strikes) – Round 4, 2:25

PRELIMINARY CARD (After main card)

Female Featherweight: Arlene Blencowe vs. A.J. Jenkins

Lightweight: Steve Kozola vs. Ian Butler

Lightweight: Shawn Bunch vs. Rolando Perez

Lightweight: John Yoo vs. Albert Morales