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Bellator 138 play-by-play results

[Show: Bellator 138] [Location: St. Louis, Missouri] [Date: 6/19/15] [Airing Live On Spike TV]

Preliminary Card

  • Miles McDonald def. Dan O'Connor via submission (rear-naked choke) (3rd, 4:30)
    Justin Lawrence def. Sean Wilson via TKO (punches) (R1, 4:56)
    Hugh Pulley def. Eric Irvin via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
    Kyle Kurtz def. Adam Cella via submission (armbar) (R2, 4:13)
    Justin Guthrie def. Steven Mann via submission (d'arce choke) (R2, 1:09)
    Chris Heatherly def. Garrett Gross via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Main Card EST

Bellator Featured Featherweight Fight: Daniel Straus (23-6) vs. Henry Corrales (12-0)

Round 1: Straus shoots in on a double leg takedown and gets it right away. Corrales back to his feet quickly, Straus stays on him with the clinch. They exchange knee strikes, Straus with a quick takedown, but Corrales is using great takedown defense. Straus opens up with a wide variety of punches that stuns Corrales. Straus with a bunch of uppercuts, he then opens up and lands a big left hand. Corrales tries to hang in there, but he keeps eating big shots. Corrales gets off the fence, Corrales targets the ribs of Straus with big shots. Straus with a straight left that leads into a trip takedown to close the round.

Round 2: Corrales using strong leg kicks in this fight. Corrales shows off more offensive in this round. This round sees a much slower round by both guys. Straus with a huge left hand that puts Corrales on his back. Straus gets the back of Corrales and locked in the rear-naked choke, but Straus can’t get it, so he switches to mount. Corrales kicks Straus off, Straus grabbed a hold of Corrales with the guillotine choke for the win.

Result: Daniel Straus def. Henry Corrales via guillotine choke in 3:47 of the second round.

Bellator Featured Lightweight Fight: Michael Chandler (12-3) vs. Derek Campos (15-4)

Round 1: Both guys come out throwing bombs. Chandler with a huge right hand that dropped Campos. Chandler swarms him from the top and lands some big hammer fists. Campos put Chandler in guard, but Chandler still lands some big shots. Campos regrouped and got to his feet. Chandler with a big double back suplex and got the back of Campos. He looked for a rear-naked choke and this one is over!

Result: Michael Chandler def. Derek Campos via rear-naked choke in 2:17 of the first round.

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Bellator Featured Heavyweight Fight: Bobby Lashley (12-2) vs. Dan Charles (20-14)

Round 1: Lashley shot in on a double-leg and got the takedown right away. Lashley into guard, Charles scrambled off his back and got back to his feet. Lashley tagged him with an overhand right. Lashley shot in on a double-leg and got it. Lashley to the back of Charles and worked him over with strikes. Lashley with a back belly suplex. Lashley with knees to the thigh of Charles. Lashley with another slam, but Charles right back to his feet. Lashley dominated Charles this round.

Round 2: Lashley got a double leg takedown that led him to guard. Charles went for an armbar, but Lashley power bombed him. Lashley landed some microwave size right hands to the jaw of Charles. Moments later, Lashley continued to land big right hands and the fight was called.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. Dan Charles via TKO (punches) - Round 2, 4:14

Bellator Featherweight Title Fight: Champ Patricio Pitbull (23-2) vs. Daniel Weichel (35-8)

Round 1: A bit of a feeling out process early. Weichel landed a leg kick, Pitbull answered with a stiff right hand. Weichel with a level change that led to a double leg takedown. However, Pitbull got right back to his feet. Pitbull shot in on a single leg, but couldn’t get the takedown. Weichel swarmed Pitbull with punches and hurt him to end the round. Very close for that fight to end.

Round 2: Weichel pressures him early, he landed a knee to the gut, but Pitbull fired back with a big straight right that put the lights out of Weichel.

Result: Patricio Freire def. Daniel Weichel via knockout (punches) - Round 2, 0:32

Bellator Heavyweight Main Event: Kimbo Slice (4-2) vs. Ken Shamrock (28-15-2)

Round 1: Shamrock shot in on a double-leg, Slice stuffed it and they clinched. Shamrock with a trip takedown, but Slice right back up. They clinch for a while with the fans booing. They break things up. Shamrock shot in and got a single leg. Shamrock got the back of Slice, he looks for a choke. He got it, but couldn’t have Slice tap. This leads to Slice getting to his feet, he blitzed Shamrock and finished him on the feet.

Result: Kimbo Slice def. Ken Shamrock via TKO (punches) - Round 1, 2:22