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Bellator MMA interested in bringing in undefeated boxer, Tyson Fury

Boxer Tyson Fury (24-0) has been very vocal about MMA and how much of a beast he would be if he fought in the sport.

Now, Bellator MMA and its president Scott Coker are interested in him.

“We are in dialogue with Tyson about entering the Bellator cage,” Coker said in a statement. “Tyson seems to feel he can walk through any heavyweight MMA fighter. Let’s see how serious he is.”

“We all know WWE is pretend,” Fury said. “And if a pretend fighter can come in and win the heavyweight championship of the world in what is supposed to be the ultimate fighting competition, it doesn’t say a lot, does it? I haven’t changed my mind, anytime, any place, anywhere, tell Dana White to bring Velasquez to me and I’ll knock him into next week. As I said before, they are not on my level, they are bums compared to me.”

“I told him and I’ll tell you again, when he can afford it, come and see me,” Fury said. “Until then, forget about it.”

Tyson currently holds the WBO International heavyweight title. Of Fury’s 23 victories, 18 of them have come by knockout.

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