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Chael Sonnen says that Conor McGregor’s media obligations have crossed the line

Former UFC title contender and now working as an analyst for ESPN, Chael Sonnen was at one point one of the most popular UFC fighters that they’ve had in years. Sonnen knows the pressure of being a top guy in the promotion and sees that going on with Conor McGregor.

During his appearance during the MMA Hour, Sonnen believes that the UFC has crossed the line when it comes to all of the media obligations with McGregor.

“It’s crossed the line of being too much,” Sonnen said of McGregor. “I mean, that’s just the reality of the situation. Athletes go out, we’re kind of programmed to say the same thing we think we’re supposed to say. It’s too much on Conor right now, and media will ask him that. ‘Is it too much?’ So, you know, you don’t want to put some of those things in your world. You want to deny them and keep them out so you can take care of business, but yeah, of course, it’s too much. When a guy is on the opposite side of the country and he’s got three more stops before he can get home, he’s 22 pounds overweight, he’s nine days before a fight, and he’s running on two hours sleep because of all of it, it’s too much.”

Sonnen posted a 29-14-1 pro-MMA record and fought Anderson Silva twice for the UFC middleweight championship as well as Jon Jones once for the UFC light heavyweight championship.

Conor McGregor fights Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title at UFC 189 this Saturday night.

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