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Conor McGregor comments on Floyd Mayweather fight

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Conor McGregor comments on Floyd Mayweather fight

This could be the biggest money fight of our generation. There have been huge box office draws for boxing and MMA in the past, but never have the two people collided in such a high profile fight. After months of negotiation the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight of a lifetime will actually happen.

The T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas will host the fight on August 26th and barring any unforeseen circumstances this one will be one for the record books. It could be a very short fight too, but these guys know what they’re getting into. McGregor and Mayweather will strap on 10-ounce gloves and give it all they have.

Numbers like $100 million for each fighter have been mentioned but the actual payout will depend on PPV numbers. Of course, we can imagine this fight might do some record breaking business.

Conor McGregor recently spoke out about the fight and was very short in his message. He simply said “the fight is on” and this is an understatement. Mayweather broke Big Show’s nose with the greatest of ease and he wasn’t even trying to actually hurt him. McGregor could always catch Floyd too and that just adds to the suspense.

Floyd Mayweather sent out a tweet to confirm the match was happening and soon followed it up with a short video asking people to take the “Mayweather Challenge” where you show off your lifestyle. Of course Mayweather used this opportunity to show off some of his sick possessions. After all, they don’t call him “Money” for no reason because the dude has a ton of it.

Whether it is a short contest or not two things are for sure: both guys are set to make a lot of money and everyone will be talking about what happened during this fight on August 27th.



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