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Cris Cyborg says she will knock out Ronda Rousey

by Denis Shkuratov

Cris Cyborg stopped by Submission Radio to discuss the truth behind her bantamweight cut, her plans to KO Rousey in their fight and her thoughts on Ronda as a person.

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Interview Transcript

On making 135 pounds

“I try my best for all my fans. I wanna make 135 to maybe make the fight with Ronda Rousey”

On if Cyborg will stay in Bantamweight for a while or just her fight with Rousey

“You know for me when I make 145 it’s very hard, but I put my head in the hands of the professional on my side and he told me I came make it if I try and I try my best. I want to be healthy to make 135 and I don’t know how many times I can make 135, but I can say I tried my best to make 135 and be strong.”

On who her opponent is going to be at Invicta 10

“I don’t know yet I think I will know soon but I don’t know yet my next opponent”

On if it’s difficult to make her Bantamweight debut and not know who her opponent is

“No I train every day. I don’t train only when I have fights, you know. I think if you train every day and learn something, because every day you have to learn and have new things every single day. So I think if you train every day and you get close to your fight, you make a camp for your next opponent, you study her, and I’m training. I train every day, but as soon as I know who I’m fighting I’ll study with my team and make a plan for next fight.”

On if Cyborg has started cutting weight already

“You know I’m cutting weight very well and now I almost changed my diet again and it’s going good. It’s successful now and I think I’ll be ok in December at 135.”

If she’s cutting down to 135 to fight Ronda Rousey

“Not 100 percent. I think because of having more girls in 135 than 145. If it’s possible that I make 135 and I’m still good and still healthy, I think I can keep (staying at) 135. I’ll be happy because I can fight more times per year. 145 has girls but does not have girls like in 135 and I think it has more opportunity for me, and for sure if I make 135 I want to fight Ronda Rousey for sure.”

Thoughts on Ronda Rousey as a fighter

“You know I think she’s a good athlete and becoming better and she’s improved now in her boxing and Muay Thai she’s becoming better, but I really think she’s run from me. When I was Strikeforce champ she was in my weight class 145 and she ran to 135 so she cannot fight me, and she’s trying to use my mistake saying ‘ah she don’t want to be in the UFC because of heavy doping tests’, but she’s lying because I don’t go to the UFC because I have to cut for 135 and at the time when I talked to the UFC I wasn’t not ready for this.”

“I think she keeps talking and keeps running, you know and I think if I make 135 she cannot run anymore, because everybody, all the fans want to watch the fight and I think the only way for this fight to happen and to make her shut up is to make 135.”

What advantages she sees herself having over Ronda

“I like the stand up, you know. I cannot say “oh I’ll take her down’, no. I like the stand up and I think it’s more exciting. I like to knock people out, I like punch people, I like to be standing.”

“People think ‘ah she doesn’t have Jiu Jitsu’. Man I compete Jiu Jitsu and I’m twice champion of the world and a purple belt. I got my brown belt in one year and I like to compete in wrestling. I like to compete fighting in Muay Thai. I think when you compete, you learn every day something. But always when I fight I like the stand up, but not because I don’t have ground, because I think it’s more exciting. I like to change punches, I like to be boxing and I like this. And for Ronda Rousey, man I will knock out her for sure and I’ll try, but you know you have to be ready for everything inside the octagon.”

“To have the opportunity to submit her, I will. To have the opportunity to knock her out, I will. You know it’s a game. You have to be ready for everything and I’ll be ready for everything when I fight her for sure.”

On Ronda’s comments about her and thoughts about Ronda as a person

“You know I hear about it and I think it’s sad. You know she’s going to my country and why she’s not enjoying my country and to see my people and she’s try to speak bad things about me in my country. You know she’s not a smart girl because everybody there want to watch me and her and I don’t think it’s nice. I live in the United States and never speak bad about her and I want to fight her, but I don’t need to speak bad things about her.”

“I think it’s not cool, but no problem. I think it’s a game. You know I think she’s trying to make it nice to Brazilian fans with her or make the fight. I don’t know what she wants to do, but I think the UFC tries make more fans in brazil and she tries to speak bad about me to make more Brazilian fans”

“But for me it doesn’t matter. For me it doesn’t change. She can keep talking. So when she keeps talking I keep training, and this is my style. I don’t like to speak too much. I like only training and inside the Octagon we can do differently. I cannot talk and we can fight. We can have a fight inside the octagon not outside and in interviews. It’s my style. I respect her, but inside the octagon it’s different.”

Best regards,

Denis Shkuratov
Head Producer
Submission Radio Australia


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