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Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao - full results

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao results
May 2, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

We are live with lightning fast results of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao mega-fight.

The main event was scheduled for 11pm but they are running late. The undercard fights are done so Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is up next. They are showing video highlights of each fighter right now. They show Mayweather and Pacquiao in their dressing rooms.

They showed highlights from Friday's weigh-in. Ticket sales from Friday's weigh-ins were donated to charity. Mauro said that he met a fan that showed him his $17,500 ticket. Looks like this fight will get started sometime after 11:30pm eastern. Apparently the delay is because of the overwhelming demand for this pay-per-view and the cable companies are trying to accomodate fans as much as possible. Tons of people ordering at the last minute. Fighters are now scheduled to come out in 5 minutes (11:40pm eastern).

11:38pm eastern: Here we go. Jimmy Lennon, Jr. is doing the introductions for the national anthems. Michael Buffer does the introduction for the national anthem of the Phillipines. Jamie Foxx sings America's national anthem.

Pacquiao and Mayweather are being introduced. Fight started at 12am eastern.

Round 1

Fans are solidly behind Pacquiao. There were "Manny" chants early in the round. Not much action but Floyd got a couple of good shots. Pacquiao got a couple of shots at the end of the round. Floyd won that round.

Round 2

Manny comes out aggressive but Floyd hits a couple of straight rights. They get caught up in the ropes and Floyd clinches. Manny gets a flurry of body punches in but nothing devastating. Manny is very aggressive. He got another short flurry of body punches. Looks like he won this round.

Round 3

Floyd with an "almost" low blow. He hit Manny at the belt line. Manny is looking good in this round though. Nice flurry in the corner and Floyd clinches and the ref breaks it up. Manny went in for a right jab and Floyd grabs Manny in a front facelock. Ref warns Mayweather. Nice flurry at the end from Manny. Floyd got a nice right hand in at the end of the round. Manny looking good so far.

Round 4

Compubox has Floyd ahead on punches landed. A couple of nice flurries in the corner by Manny. Manny rocks Mayweather. Mayweather is hurt and up against the ropes. Pacquaio was smart and made sure not to tire himself out. Back at center ring they clinch again. Mayweather got a couple of right hands in but great round for Manny.

Round 5

In between rounds Floyd, Sr. told his son that he was fighting like he was scared. Floyd backs up Manny in the ropes with a right hand. Floyd is still ahead in points in this fight. Another clinch with Floyd headlocking Manny. I think Floyd won this round. So it's 4-1 Floyd. It's not like he's winning decisively though so who knows how the judges will see it.

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Round 6

Mayweather took some shots from Manny. Manny with shots in the corner of the ring. Floyd clinches again. Manny with a flurry against the ropes. Mayweather nods "no, you're not hurting me." Manny with more shots. Floyd with right hands but Manny blocks them. Manny with body shots and a head shot.

Floyd, Sr. says to his son "I don't know what's wrong with you." There is concern from Mayweather's corner.

Round 7

Floyd comes out swinging. Floyd caught Mann with a nice jab that made Manny off balance. Floyd's lip is cut. This round was mostly Manny going after Floyd and Floyd backing away on defense.

Round 8

Mayweather starts off with a stiff jab. Floyd with a nice right hand. Body shots by Manny. Left hooks from Floyd. Close round with Manny pressing the action for the most part. Floyd is up 5-3, maybe 6-2.

Round 9

Manny with a flurry of punches to the body and head. Floyd clinches. Floyd with a nice right counter as Manny had him close to the ropes. Right hand by Mayweather. Manny with body punches up agains tthe ropes. Right hand from Floyd and they clinch. Close round by looks like Floyd won.

Round 10

Short left hook by Manny followed by a jab from Floyd. Right hand from Floyd. Manny catches Floyd with shots in the corner. Manny with a flurry, nothing devastating in the corner. Floyd with a right hook. Mayweather is avoiding a lot of Mayweather's punches.

Round 11

Mayweather on the attack to start hte round. They clinch. Mayweather showing a sense of urgency. Body shot against the ropes by Manny. Left hands by Manny. One of them caught Floyd on the right ear. More body shots from Manny. Floyd on defense.

Round 12

Manny connects with a straight left. Jab by Mayweather. They clinch in the corner. Mayweather seems to think he's won this fight since he's just avoiding everything right now and running out the clock. Manny got a couple of headshots in the corner with 20 seconds left. Floyd raises his hand like he won.

Mayweather wins by unanimous decision. Judge Dave Moretti scored the fight 118-110, and judges Glenn Feldman and Bert Clements both had it 116-112.

Mayweather interview: he thanked god and said that he is truly blessed and thanked the fans that came out to support. He said Manny is a tough competitor. He thanked his dad too. Floyd says he will fight his last fight in September.