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Issues with Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon not resolved, Lesnar's status for Raw

The issues between Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon have still not been resolved. McMahon has told everyone not to create any backup plans for WrestleMania 31. That's the same thing he told the creative team at the Smackdown tapings last week when Lesnar's name was brought up.

As noted before, Lesnar would be in breach of his current contract if he does not appear. He would lose his WrestleMania payday and would also face a lawsuit so there's no chance of him missing his final contracted dates. Of course, it's all up to Lesnar but nobody thinks Lesnar will no-show dates since it doesn't make sense to do that especially since his deal is almost up.

On Saturday night when Dana White was asked he said he had no idea why Brock was at the UFC show. Later in the post-PPV press conference he said that Brock was there because he is a fight fan. As it turns out, Brock made arrangements with Dana White at least a couple of days earlier so it was not a last minute thing and it was something that everyone kept a secret. Lesnar was shown on screen with a graphic during the show.

People in UFC expect Lesnar to return with his first fight being against Frank Mir. However, people in WWE believed that Lesnar would be staying and signing a new deal with the feeling being that Lesnar would have more longevity in WWE. Lesnar is believed to be making $5 million a year with WWE to wrestler on three pay-per-views each year. Lesnar is scheduled and expected to be at Monday's Raw. The feeling within WWE is if he missed Monday's Raw then it would fracture his relationship with WWE badly and one person noted that if Lesnar misses any of his remaining dates with the company then it could pretty much force the company to terminate him after WrestleMania.

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Although Lesnar is "expected" to show up on Raw, people in the company that are involved with the show do not know if he'll be there or not but they are proceeding as if he will be there since he is being advertised to appear. Also, one could argue that Lesnar owes WWE an extra day since he did not appear on the Raw show on 2/23 as he was scheduled to. He is not currently scheduled for the 3/16 Raw so it's possible that they could ask him to be at that show to make up the missed date.

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