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Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley via split decision in 8-round fight

Showtime Boxing

Showtime Boxing

Former UFC fighter Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul faced off in an 8 round boxing match on Sunday night on Showtime pay-per-view. The event took place at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, Cleveland, OH in front of a sold out crowd with 16,000+ fans.

Round 1
Paul landed a right hand to the body and a double jab to the face and a jab to the body. Paul hit a combination to the body and shots to the head. With 40 seconds left in the first round, Woodley hit a couple of shots to the body. Woodley only threw 6 punches in this round. Paul threw 21 and landed 6.

Round 2
Paul landed a right hand to the side of the head. Late in the right, Paul hit a hard right hand to the head.

Round 3
Woodley hit Paul in the stomach and they locked up at the start of the round. Woodley let his hands go in this round and landed some more punches but Paul landed some good shots as well. With a minute left, Paul hit a hard uppercut. Woodley landed a hard right hand at the end of the round.

Round 4
Paul landed some blows to the head to start the round. Woodley tied him up against the ropes. Paul hit some more blows to the head. Woodley landed some shots to the head and locked up Paul by the ropes. Woodley rocked Paul with a right hand but the ropes held Paul up or he would have fell to the floor. Woodley tagged him again and then Paul tried to tie up. Woodley landed another hard head shot at the end of the round.

Round 5
Woodley started out with a body punch. Paul hit a double jab and Woodley hit a right uppercut and a hook. Woodley hit a straight right hand. Paul looks tired and Woodley looks more confident. Paul hit a left hook. Paul landed a right hand to the head and Woodley landed some strikes to the body.

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Round 6
They tied up in the ropes at the start of the round. Paul hit a left hook and a jab. Paul is winning but also breathing hard. Paul hit a left hook. Paul is winning the fight at this point.

Round 7
Woodley started out aggressively with a couple of jabs. The unofficial scorecard shows Paul up 59-55 by this round. Woodley may have landed more punches in this round but he needs a KO if he's going to win this fight.

Round 8
Woodley hit some jabs to start the round. Woodley may have won this round but Paul likely won the fight.

The judges scored it 77-75 Paul, 77-75 Woodley, 78-74 Paul.

Paul's mom and Woodley's mom hugged. Paul said it was a tougher fight than he expected and his legs felt weird since leaving the locker room. He said Woodley is a good fighter and he respects him. He apologized for disrespecting his team. He said it was bullsh** that one judge scored it for Woodley.

Paul said "we'll see" on who he wants to fight next but he might want to "chill out for a little bit" and he will get back in the gym when he's ready. Paul said he used to be a bully and he realized it wasn't cool.

Woodley feels like he won the fight and he wants a rematch. He said it was laughable that one judge gave him 2 rounds. Paul said if Woodley gets "I love Jake Paul" tattooed on him then he will agree to the rematch and Woodley agreed.