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Jon Jones will not have to face a grand jury in his alleged hit and run incident

Jon Jones is alleged to be involved in a hit and run car accident back in April of this year. A crime that resulted in the UFC stripping him of the light heavyweight title and suspended him indefinitely.

Tanner Tixier, who is the spokesperson for the local police department said that pregnant women, who Jones allegedly hit in the incident suffered a broken arm. Jones faces felony charges.

According to the AP, who spoke with the off-duty police officer, the suspect (who is alleged to be Jon Jones), ran back to the crash site and stuffed cash in his pants. The suspect then ran off again from the crash site.

Word came out today that the case will not go before a grand jury, but local prosecutors will still move forward with the case.

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The only thing that is keeping this case out of court is medical records for the accident’s alleged victim and dispatch reports from the Albuquerque Police Department. Once those two pieces are presented, then the case will go to court.