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PHOTO: CM Punk’s first day at his new training camp; Ben Askren comments

CM Punk has begun his MMA training at Roufusport in Milwakee. He is training under Duke Roufus and Ben Askren. Askren was not too thrilled with Punk’s signing last month. Here is what he said last month:

Askren told FOX Sports that he will not be treated any differently from anyone else that trains there.

He said, “Duke (Roufus) is the head coach here, he makes those decisions, and I have no problem with it.”

“He’ll show up to class, he’ll warm up, he’ll be a part of the team. (UFC lightweight champion) Anthony (Pettis) doesn’t get treated special. I don’t get treated special. I can’t be sure, but I don’t think (CM Punk) will get treated special.”

Askren also said that his original comments were aimed at UFC and not CM Punk and holds no resentment towards Punk.

Askren posted the following on Monday:


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