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REPORT: Anderson Silva to admit to "therapeutic" PED use

UFC is reporting on their website that Anderson Silva will admit to using several performance enhancing drugs. His claim will be that he used the drugs to help him recover from his broken leg. The Brazilian media outlet UOL was the first to report the news. The admission is expected to happen when Silva steps in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission sometime this month.

Silva tested positive out-of-competition for Drostanolone and Androstane on January 9th. He tested positive again for Drostanolone on the test he took on the night of the fight (Jan 31) with Nick Diaz.

Silva tested positive for Oxazepam and Temazepam on January 31st. Those drugs are typically taken for anti-anxiety. They are not banned but Silva did not reveal them in the pre-fight medical questionnaire.

The NSAC hearing date has not been announced yet and the UAC report states that Silva will insist that his PED use was not to gain an advantage over his opponent and his use was strictly to help him recover from the severe broken leg injury suffered in December 2013 in his fight with Chris Weidman. His lawyers will claim that he had no advantage in his fight with Diaz since the amount of substances in his system were minimal. The report also says that drugs prescribed by his physician that he took were to help him with back and muscle spasms that began when he was hospitalized in November.

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