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Report: Chael Sonnen fails for more banned substances is reporting that Chael Sonnen tested positive for more drugs earlier this month in a second random drug test that was administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. He tested positive for four banned substances.

Sonnen took a blood and urine test in Portland, Oregon on June 5th because at the time he was scheduled to fight on July 5th in Las Vegas at UFC 175. He has since announced his retirement. Sonnen failed for HGH (human growth hormone), EPO (recombinant human erythropoietin, anastrozole, and HCG. The report says that Sonnen and UFC were informed of the test results earlier this week.

Sonnen was quoted by as saying, "Yes, the Commission is aware of other prescribed medications I was taking and I will not challenge their allegations. I will cooperate with the Commission and look forward to having a dialogue about how fighters who transition off TRT can avoid violating any rules."

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