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Ron Stallings dominates Justin Jones to victory at UFC Fight Night 63

UFC Fight Night 63 took place on April 4, 2015 at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia and aired on Fox Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass.

Round 1: Jones presses the action early, he moves in and clinches with Stallings. Stallings threw a body kick and then started throwing bombs that has Jones cover up on the fence. Jones countered when he had openings. Jones recovered, Stallings got a double leg takedown at 3:30. Jones got back to his feet after Stallings did nothing from the top. Jones clinched and started throwing right hands, but missed. Jones shot in for a double leg, but Stallings held him back on the fence at 1:51. Stallings broke free for a moment, missed some punches and Jones clinched right back with him.

Round 2: Jones pressed forward, but Stallings landed a counter right and then a left hook. Jones clinched with Stallings on the fence and Stallings is doing a good job of holding his own. Stallings broke free, missed a counter and Jones started throwing leg kicks. Stallings ducked a superman punch and nailed a knee to the gut of Jones. Stallings with a good right jab, he pressed forward, but Jones clinched and put Stallings on the fence. As of now, Stallings has landed 23 strikes to the midsection of Jones. Jones let go, but Stallings landed a head kick. Jones shot in, but Stallings stuffed it. Moments later, Jones dropped Stallings with a double leg takedown. Jones in guard, lands some right hands, but Stallings almost got an arm triangle, but let it go. Jones ended the round on top.

Round 3: Stallings missed a wild right hook, but Jones circled and landed a right jab. Jones shot in for a takedown, but stuffed again. Jones clinched and put Stallings on the fence. Jones went for a combo hook, but missed both and went back to the clinch. The referee broke them up, Stallings with a good body punch and then kick. Stallings with a devastating body kick, Jones shot in, but Stallings stuffed it. Stallings let him up, but Jones just went right back to the clinch. Stallings landed some big knees to the chest of Jones while in the clinch.

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Result: Ron Stallings def. Justin Jones via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

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