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Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch talks about CM Punk’s jump to UFC

Thanks to Craig Anderson for sending this in.

Following up on last week’s interview with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones in which Jones talked about CM Punk’s jump to UFC and his desire to see him “knocked out.” CBS Radio DC’s Chad Dukes asked Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch about CM Punk during a segment yesterday.

Here’s what Deitsch had to say on the subject of whether Punk’s move is good or bad for the sport:

“The fact is, that’s a sport that still needs eyeballs and still needs crossover figures.  If you wanna make the comparison to pro-wrestling, and I’m not, these guys are incredible athletes, it’s real, it’s not scripted, but when did wrestling get hot?  When they sort of crossed over in the Piper-Hogan era, when they brought Cyndi Lauper in, got MTV around, and Mr. T.  And Dana White’s not a dumb guy, CM Punk is a really big figure in another world that can bring him eyeballs.

In my opinion he also happens to be, I think, a pretty good athlete. Do I think he’s gonna be the champ?  No, I don’t think so.  You give that guy a couple months to train, I don’t see why he can’t be a moderate UFC fighter.  He’s not going to be “Bones” Jones or the guy “Bones” Jones just beat the other day but, there’s no reason that that guy with enough training, given that he’s a pretty good athlete, couldn’t be competitive at least at a certain level.

I think it’s excellent. The only thing that could be disastrous, is if the guy goes in and pulls a Michael Spinks-Tyson, and it goes down in like 15 seconds.”

The full audio interview is at:

Also, if you’re interested in Jones comments in light of his troubles announced today you can get that interview and his quote transcribed at:

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