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UFC 182 Jones vs. Cormier results: Jon Jones retains against Daniel Cormier

UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier
January 3, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
MGM Grand Garden Arena


We are live with coverage of UFC 182: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier.

Welterweight – Hector Lombard (170.5) vs. Josh Burkman (171)

Round 1: Bruce Buffer is now using “The Time is Now” as his catchphrase instead of “It’s Time.” Some right handsand kicks early by Burkman. Lombard with a couple of kicks but no major blows by any of them for the first 3 and a half minutes. Burkman went for a spin kick but Lombard moved. Lombard went for a takedown but Burkman was able to escape. Lombard was more aggressive but I can see this round as a toss up. I’ll say 10-9 Burkman for round 1. Burkman is already breathing heavy and it looks like he has a cut under his left eye..

Round 2: Things picked up here. Back and force with right hands from both me. Lombard gets Burman up against the cage and hits a couple of right hands. He presses Burman up and hits him with more punches. Burman gets a couple of punches in too. Burman is bleeding under his nose. Elbow by Burkman. Lombard still on the attack with Burkman up against the cage. Burkman with a body kick. Lombard with more punches. Lombard is backing away and looks really tired. Spin kick attempt by Burkman but he’s tired. Burkman looks like he’s trying to sucker Lombard to attack. Lombard is winning this fight. 10-9 this round.

Round 3: Takiedown by Lombard. Burkman got up but Lombard took him down and got him in half guard. Burkman tries to scramble but Lombard takes his back. Burkman gets out of it. Lombard’s legs have some really nasty welts. Lombard raining punches up against the cage. Burman gets away. Lombard again with more punches near the cage. Burkman is just backing away. Another right hand by Lombard. More punches up against the cage. More leg kicks by Lombard. Lombard has looked good but not great in this fight. He should have been able to finish Burkman. This will be decided by the judges.

Winner: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Hector Lombard.

They showed Shaquille O’Neal in the crowd. They showed Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier arriving earlier tonight.

They aired a commercial for UFC Fight Night on January 18th. Conor McGregor vs. Denis Siver and Benson Henderson vs. Eddie Alvarez will headline that show.

Joe Rogan interviewed Conor via satellite. Conor says his training has been exceptional and every day he’s looser and more fluid. He says he can’t wait for January 18th. Rogan asked if it’s possible to look past his opponent. He said now that everyone expects him to win unlike past fights where he was the underdog. He said Dennis does not stand a chance. Rogan asked about what it’s like with his meteoric rise towards title contention. Conor said some can handle it and others can’t but he enjoys it. He feeds off of the pressure. If Conor wins then the talk is that there would be a huge fight against Jose Aldo in Dublin. He said that it’s exactly what he said it’s gonna be and it will happen and he will stop Siver inside 2 minutes and then he’ll make way for the football stadium in Ireland. He said he’s given UFC their biggest fight and biggest gate in UFC history for his fight with Aldo. He looks forward to raising the gold in his hometown.

Flyweight – Kyoji Horiguchi (125) vs. Louis Gaudinot (125)

Round 1: Some kicks early from Gaudinot. One of them hit hard and Horiguchi stumbled but recovered. Nice leg kicks to the body from Horiguchi. Punch and kick combo from Gaudinot., Another kick to the leg by Gaudinot. Front kick to the body by Gaudinot. Punches and spin kick to the body by Gaudinot. Horiguchi has been able to get some stuff in. Punches and front kick by Horiguchi. Nice kick to the body by Horiguchi. Horiguchi gets Gaudinot up against the cage, they go down for a second, but they both get back up. Close round.

Round 2: Nice punch and flying knee up against the cage by Hariguchi. Gaudinot jumped on Horiguchi, wrapped his legs around his body and tried for a choke but Horiguchi got out of it. Gaudinot bleeding under his left eye. Nice right hand and leg kick by Horiguchi. Nasty kick to the face by Horiguchi. Nice left and right hands by Horiguchi up against the cage. More punches and kicks from Horiguchi. Horiguchi wins this round easily 10-8. Take down by Horiguchi to end the round.

Round 3: Some more right hands and a leg kick by Horiguchi. Horiguchi with nice combination strikes. He looks like he can go another couple of rounds. Horiguchi with more stikes and a brief clinch. Horiguchi goes for a takedown but Gaudinot grabbed the neck. Horiguchi puts him up against the cage. Wild swing by Gaudinot but he misses and falls down. Horiguchi wins this round as well, probably 10-8.

Winner: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 for Kyoji Horiguchi.

CM Punk is shown at cageside with AJ Lee. They show a commercial/promo for UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz. Tyron Woodley vs. Kelvin Gastelum and Joe Lauzon vs. Al Iaquinta are also on that card.

Middleweight – Brad Tavares (185) vs. Nate Marquardt (185.5)

Round 1: Nice kicks to the body by Marquardt and an inside leg kick too. Tavares gets a nice leg kick on Nate. Nate gtets caught up against the cage and Tavares scores with some punches to the head. Nate hits a nasty looking knee to the face. Pretty even round. Some strikes and a leg kick by Tavares. Nate counters with a leg kick of his own. Front kick to the body by Tavares. Nate hit one too. Close round.

Round 2: Tavares on the offensive to start this round. Nate went for a takedown but Tavares got up. Nate goes in with some strikes and tries to take Tavares down but it gets stuffed. Nate appears to be bleeding under his nose. Tavares lighting up Nate with leg kicks. Tavares with a left jab to the side of the face. Nate’s eye is swelling. The crowd starts booing because there’s not too much going on. More leg kicks by Tavares. Nate gets in a couple of leg kicks. Nate goes for a takedown but Tavares counters. They’re both up against the cage. Nate’s right eye looks nasty right now.Tavares with more uppercuts and then some nice jabs. I got 10-7 for Tavares in this round.

Round 3: Nate is dead tired. Tavares is picking him apart here with more punches and leg kicks. Body punches, kicks, and spin kick to the body by Tavares. Tavares easily win this fight.

Winnier: All judges score it 30-27 for Brad Tavares.

Lightweight – Donald Cerrone (155.5) vs. Myles Jury (155.5)

Round 1: Jury with a takedown early in the round. Cerrone wraps his legs around Jury’s arm. Jury can’t break it. Cerrone gets half mount on Jury. Cerrone has his back now and rolls to his back while controlling Jury with his legs in a body triangle. Cerrone can’t get a position on Jury but still has him locked in a body triangle. Cerrone with some punches from his back. He gets his flattened finally and gets a choke on Jury but Jury breaks it. Jury still wrapped up by Cerrone but the round is almost over. Cerrone got an armbar with about 2 seconds left in the round. Cerrone clearly winning this one 10-8.

Round 2: Jury goes for a takedown but it gets stuffed. Cerrone with leg kicks. Kicks to the body by Jury. Jury goes for a takedown but Cerrone blocks it. More leg kicks by Cerrone. Knee to the body by Cerrone. I got Cerrone 10-9 for this round.

Round 3: Front kick to the body by Cerrone followed by a side kick. Spinning back fist attempt by Jury but he misses. Jury’s corner knows that he needs a KO to win this fight. More leg kicks by Cerrone. Jury tries for a takedown but they lock up by the cage. They battle for position against the cage. Cerrone lands some elbows and Jury backs off. Kick to the head by Cerrone. Cerrone still pressing the action and hits Jury with more leg kicks and then a straight jab to the face followed by another leg kick. Jury has Cerrone up against the cage and is trying to take Cerrone down but Cerrone hits him with elbows to the side of the head. John McCarthy tells Jury to get up with Cerrone backs off. Jury take down attempt stuffed. Cerrone easily wins this fight. I have him 10-7 this round. Take down by Cerrone and a barrage of angry leg kicks with Cerrone on the ground. Nasty leg kicks to end the round that looked like he was kicking a football.

Winner: All three judges have it 30-27 for Donald Cerrone.

Light Heavyweight Championship – Jon Jones (205) vs. Daniel Cormier (205)

They actually did touch gloves.

Round 1: Wild kicks miss by Jones. Knee to the body by Jones. Cormier with punches. Jones head kick blocked by Cormier. DC with an uppercut. DC with a kick by Jones catches him. DC goes down, Jones gets his back but DC gets up. Jones with knees to the body up against the cage. That is the first time Cormier has been taken down. DC stuffs a takedown attempt. Head kick by Jones. Uppercuts by DC. “DC” chants. Uppercut, kicks, and shots to the head by DC. Big shot by Jones to the head. More shots by Jones. They clinch, Jones with a knee to the body. Big shots by Cormier. DC blocks a head kick. Knee to the body by Jones. DC with a jab. Punch to the body by Jones. Kick to th eleg by DC. Overhand punch misses by Jones. Jones with a kick to the knee. Body punch by Jones. Punches by DC to the face. They go back and forth. Overhand rights by DC. Jones tries for a knee to the face and misses. Uppercuts by DC to end the round. That was a close round. Jones is breathing hard. Some blood coming out of DC’s nose.

Round 2: Kick to the body by Jones. DC with punches to the head. Jones bleeding from the nose too. DC with leg kicks. Jones gets caught. DC with a takedown attempt but Jones stopped it. More shots by DC to the face. They’re up against the cage now.  Back and forth with punches. Body kicks by DC. Jones looks really tired. Jones kick to the head is blocked. DC raining punches now. Jones tries for a takedown but they end up against the cage.DC pulls Jones by the arm and bascially shoves him to the cage. More back and forth with DC getting more offense in on Jones. I got DC for this round.

Round 3: Cormier is breathing harder but is not as tired as Jones. Body kick by DC. Leg kick by Jones. I’m not sure if Jones is hurt or what but Jones looks slow here. More punches by DC. Kick to the neck by ones. Body punch by Jones. DC pressing the action here. Nice jab by DC. DC poked in the eye. Jones gets a warning by Herb Dean. Jones with a leg kick to the body. Jones takedown attempt is stuffed. DC grabs the leg but Jones blocks the takedown too. DC has Jones up against the cage now. Elbos by Jones. They break up and back to the center of the Octagon. Back elbow by Jones to the face by Jones. Knee to the body by Jones. Jones looks DEAD tired here. Uppercuts by DC. No takedowns yet for DC. DC blocks a kick to the head. More uppercuts frounm DC as they clinch. Body shot by Jones. DC looking at the closk as Jones presses DC up against the cage. DC still pressuring Jones. More shots to the face and uppercut by DC. More short uppercuts by DC. Jones with a flying knee but DC avoids it. Jones went for a flying knee or something but DC countered and DC mounted him but time expired. DC wins this round too.

Round 4: DC blocks a front kick. Jones moving slow since he’s so tired. Punch to the body by Jones. Another punch to the body. They clinch. Knee to the body by Jones.. Jones gets DC up against the cage and then gets the takedown. That might be what gives Jones the round. Another takedown by Jones. Jones not able to get position. DC gets up but Jones with punches and knees. Jones goes for another takedown. No luck this time. They are still pressed against the cage. Jones with body punches and a left hook to the face. Jones with stomps to the knee. “Jonny” chants now from the fans. Knee to the face by Jones. DC gets away and they are now in the center of the Octagon. Jones with a takedown right at the end of the round. I got Jones 10-8, maybe 10-7. Cormier needs to do something big in the final round.

Round 5: DC blocks a head kick. DC with a flurry of punches. DC tries for a takedown but it’s stuffed. Jones has DC up against the cage. Shots to the body by Jones. DC with uppercuts. Jones tries for another takedown but DC stops it. Both of these guys are gassed. Jon takes DC’s back but DC spins out. They are still locked in a clinch. DC needs something big here. DC tries again for a takedown but Jones is too strong. Knee to the body by Jones. Fans boo because there’s not much happening here. Jones with elbows to the body. DC desperately trying for a takedown. DC lifts and slams Jones. Jones gets back up. Still not enough for DC to win this fight. Spinning elbow by Jones. DC still has Jones against the cage. Jones raised his hand before the fight was over. DC punched Jones. I think Herb Dean got hit in the face. Jones did the DX crotch chop afterwards.

Winner: All three judges 49-46, still champion Jon Jones

Jones said “bye Reebok” and pointed to his “Unbroken” shirt. He bragged about getting 5 takedowns. He said he does not like DC and that’s why he’s here.


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