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UFC 187 results: two title bouts – Johnson vs. Cormier and Weidman vs. Belfort

[Show: UFC 187] [Location: Las Vegas] [Date: 5/23/15] [Airing Live On PPV]

PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET):

Flyweight Bout: Josh Sampo vs. Justin Scoggins

Round 1: Scoggins with an opening body kick. Scoggins using his a lot of kicks early in the fight. Scoggins leading with the left leg kick for a left jab. Nice stuff. Scoggins switches to southpaw, they clinch and both fighters miss with strikes. Scoggins with a lot of karate base kicks. Sampo trying to find his range early. Sampo with an awesome combo as Scoggins looked for a single leg takedown. Scoggins with a spinning back kick. Sampo landed a swinging right hook. Scoggins with a backward back push kick to the ribs of Sampo. Scoggins shot in on a double leg but stuffed by Sampo at 2:00. Scoggins leading with a straight left punch. Scoggins leading with total strikes of 23 to 13. Some guy is chanting “Jussssstin” from the crowd. A bit annoying I might say. They exchange to the bell.

Round 2: Sampo answers with some left body punch. Scoggins with a spinning back kick to the shoulder of Sampo. Sampo presses the action more in this round and Scoggins is landing nice counter strikes. Less to the body than the face of Sampo. Scoggins with a high hook head kick. Scoggins has world-class kickboxing skills. Scoggins clinches, then slips out. Sampo lands a left-hand superman punch then follows up with a clinching knee to the face of Scoggins. Scoggins with a nice front kick to the face of Sampo. Sampo caught a kick of Scoggins and went for a single leg takedown, which he got. They scramble, Samp on top, but Scoggins back to his feet. They clinch on the fence at 1:44. They break seconds later and we’re back to striking. Sampo with a good body kick. Scoggins with a right punch that stunned Sampo. They exchange to the bell.

Round 3: Scoggins with a good body kick to open the round. Scoggins using more jabs this round rather than the previous two rounds of kicks. Scoggins is tired and it’s visible. Sampo lands another left handed superman punch. Scoggins lands a front round head kick. They exchange in the pocket, with Sampo getting the better of the two. Scoggins with a body kick, but Sampo dumped him on his back and got in guard at 2:21. Sampo works him over while on top in guard. Sampo lands some big elbows from the top. Sampo presses Scoggins onto the fence, but Scoggins scrambles off his back and to his feet at 1:10. They clinch right after then breaks away. Scoggins shoves Sampo to the ground, but Sampo stays on his feet. Scoggins with a double leg takedown with just seconds left in the fight. Sampo to his feet as the bell sounds.

Result: Justin Scoggins def. Josh Sampo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Lightweight Bout: Leo Kuntz vs. Islam Makhachev

Round 1: Makhachev with heavy hands, he landed a left, right hook combo that leads to him clinch with Kuntz on the fence. Makhachev presses him against the fence but then breaks apart seconds later. Kuntz misses a wild right strike. They clinch and Makhachev lands a judo throw that leads to hi getting the back of Kuntz. Makhachev tries to flatten down Kuntz. However, Kuntz slides out the back door at 2:20. Kuntz clinched and landed a sick uppercut. Makhachev lands a jaw line head kick on Kuntz. Makhachev with a right hook followed by a left elbow to the face of Kuntz. Makhachev clinches and lands with some sick uppercuts. Makhachev follows out with a trip takedown with thirty seconds left in the round. He finishes the round on top landing some hammer fists.

Round 2: Makhachev with left-hand uppercut that stuns Kuntz. Makhachev with a single leg takedown then gets the back of Kuntz. Makhachev wants a rear-naked choke, but Kuntz is using some good defense. Makhachev with a body triangle to cut off the air of Kuntz. Makhachev locks in the RNC and this fight is over.

Result: Islam Makhachev def. Leo Kuntz via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 2:38

PRELIMINARY CARD (FOX Sports 1, 8 p.m. ET):

Welterweight Bout: Colby Covington vs. Mike Pyle

Round 1: Covington with an overhand left strike. He follows it up with an attempted takedown, but Pyle stuffs it. Covington works him over on the fence as he tries to get a takedown. Pyle spins outside, but Covington keeps him on the fence. Covington with a knee to the groin of Pyle that has a stop in action. Back to action as Covington lands a high head kick. Pyle with a good straight right-hand counter. They clinch on the fence at 3:05. Covington with a left hook and then clinches with Pyle once again on the fence. Covington with a single leg takedown, but Pyle rolls through and to his feet. Covington tries to drag Pyle down, but Pyle hangs on to the fence. Covington with a slam takedown into half guard at 2:00. Covington puts him on the fence, he lands an elbow from the top. Covington had 2:09 so far in clinch time during this round. Covington works him over while still in guard to finish off the round.

Round 2: Covington shoots in and gets a quick double leg takedown to start off the round. Pyle scrambles to his feet then puts his back on the fence as Covington tries to take him down. Pyle gets off the fence, Covington with a good left, right combo. Pyle with a back peddling knee to the gut of Covington. This leads to Covington putting Pyle on the fence with the clinch and tries to drag him down to the ground. Herb Dean got in the way, but Covington still gets him down. Complete domination. Covington in side control on top, Pyle went for an armbar from the bottom, but Covington shakes it off. Covington back in guard on top. Covington works him over from the top with a mix of strikes. Pyle does his best off his back with a body triangle. Herb Dean stands them up with forty-eight seconds left in the fight. Pyle lands a knee to the gut of Covington to end the round.

Round 3: Pyle comes out and lands a flying knee to the face of Covington. Covington shot in on a double leg, he gets it. They wrestle around, Pyle went for a guillotine choke, but Covington scrambles. Things calm down when Covington puts Pyle on his back in guard. Covington works over Pyle with elbows and strikes from the top. He’s just busting up Pyle at this point. The fans boo as Pyle goes for a kimura off his back. Pyle let it go and rolled on top into the mount. Covington gives up his back and Pyle lands some big shots from the top. Pyle went for a choke and got it, but Covington got out with just seconds left in the round.

Result: Colby Covington def. Mike Pyle via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Middleweight Bout: Uriah Hall vs. Rafael Natal

Round 1: Natal with a dong kick right off the bat. Hall caught a kick and then lands a counter right hand. Hall with a spinning back kick to the gut of Natal. Hall taunts Natal and Natal lands a right hook to the jaw of Hall. Hall is a bit cocky right now, almost an Anderson Silva style of confidence. Hall with a body kick, Natal answers with a leg kick. They both land an overhand right strike. Natal shot in on a single leg but stuffed by Hall. Hall then went for a spinning back head kick but missed. Hall with a head kick and then another one. Hall with a spinning back body kick. Natal with some spinning back fists. Hall with a nasty body kick, Natal tries to counter with a left hook, but misses. Natal shot in on a double leg, he got it, but Hall right back to his feet. They end the round in the clinch.

Round 2: Hall with an inside leg kick, both guys smiling at each other as Hall lands a counter right jab. Natal with a nice leg kick. Natal landed a double leg takedown at 3:47. Natal on top in half guard and the crowd is fully behind Natal right now. Natal put Hall up against the fence, he works him over with strikes. Hall got to his feet at 2:26. Natal stays on him with the clinch. Hall got out of the clinch and off the fence at 1:47. Hall starts throwing a series of kicks, Natal stops them by clinching with Hall briefly. Both guys tired, Hall shot in on a double leg, but Natal stands tall and puts his back on the fence. Hall got it briefly as Natal stands up. Hall with a slamming takedown to end the round.

Round 3: Hall works over Natal with leg kicks early in round three. Hall with a good counter left jab. Natal starts to throw wild strikes that are nowhere close to landing. The fans boo as this round doesn’t have much action. Natal with an overhand right strike that lands. Natal with a single leg takedown, he puts Hall’s back on the fence and tries for a takedown. Hall with good defense, the referee breaks them apart. Natal with a straight right then a knee to the gut of Hall. Hall with a spinning back kick to the ribs of Natal. Natal presses him, they exchange to the bell.

Result: Rafael Natal def. Uriah Hall by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Welterweight Bout: Josh Burkman vs. #8 Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1: Burkman is throwing some big bombs early on. Kim throws a body kick but gets punched in the face by Burkman. Burkman with a left, right combo. Burkman clinches and puts Kim on the fence. Kim attempted a trip takedown, but Burkman stays on his fence. Kim drags him down, but Burkman stays on his feet. Great takedown defense by Burkman. Burkman with a knee to the face of Kim while in the clinch. Kim gets the back of Burkman and puts his full weight on the back of Burkman. Kim works him over with strikes and elbows while on the back of Burkman. Kim went for a rear-naked choke, but then lets it go. We go to the second round.

Round 2: Kim with a shoulder kick, he falls and Burkman starts throwing punches in bunches like a mad man. Burkman with a straight right hand, Burkman shot in on a double leg, Kim stuffed it. Kim rolled and pressed Burkman on the fence. Kim works him over while on top with punches. Kim blasts Burkman with punches and elbows from the top that wears down Burkman. Complete domination by Kim in round two.

Round 3: Burkman swarms Kim to start the round. Burkman with a series of strikes that hurt Kim. Burkman backs off to check out the damage that he just caused. Kim clinched with Burkman and took him double with a waist lock takedown. Burkman held on to Kim’s head, he went for a choke, but let it go. Kim on top in side control. Kim went for a side choke, he needs to hop over to the other side of Burkman. Kim tries to finish, Burkman goes out cold and this one’s over.

Result: Dong Hyun Kim def. Josh Burkman via submission (arm-triangle choke) – Round 3, 2:13

Flyweight Bout: #1 John Dodson vs. #9 Zach Makovsky

Round 1: Dodson tagged him with a short left hook. A slow start to a flyweight bout. Makovsky with a good straight left hand. They clinch, both men exchange with body punches. Makovsky clinches but eats a knee by Dodson to the ribs. Makovsky with an inside leg kick. Dodson continues to land a body kick that Makovsky can’t stop so far. They clinch, Makovsky with a left hook, but Dodson answered with an overhand right.

Round 2: Both men using their footwork very well. The fans boo as there is some good moments and some moments where they are just staring at each other. The booing by the fans is just ridiculous though. Makovsky with a straight left hand, while Dodson is looking to land his right hook. Makovsky with a head kick as we have less than one minute remaining. Makovsky with a takedown, but Dodson right back to his feet. Dodson with a slam of his own and lands some big shots from the top in half guard. Makovsky looks for a leg submission, but Dodson steps over and gets out of danger.

Round 3: These two are smiling as they begin this round. Dodson just misses a left hook. Makovsky lands a left hook as Dodson is looking for a takedown. Makovsky with a good knee to the body of Dodson. Makovsky looks for a single leg, but stuffed by Dodson. Dodson missed a left hook and you can tell that he’s over thinking his movements. Makovsky clinches, but Dodson is the one who lands a series of knees to the body of Makovsky. Dods with a good straight right. They exchange to the bell.

Result: John Dodson def. Zach Makovsky via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET):

Flyweight Bout: #2 Joseph Benavidez vs. #5 John Moraga

Round 1: Benavidez with a head kick that hurt Moraga. Benavidez on top and landing some big shots from half guard. Benavidez went for a submission, but Moraga rolled out and to his feet. Benavidez with a double leg takedown, he gets it and presses Moraga on the fence. Benavidez with some more elbows from the top. Moraga with the wall walk. Benavidez clinches and puts Moraga on the fence. Benavidez with some knees to the body of Moraga. Benavidez with a toss, but Moraga rolled and got the back of Benavidez. Benavidez to his feet, Moraga stays with the clinch. Benavidez with a slam takedown. What a first round.

Round 2: Morago opens the round with a leg kick. Moraga is starting to throw more and more kicks. This is creating space. Benavidez with a nice combo, but Moraga answered with a right hook. Moraga with a nice leg kick. They exchange in the pocket. Moraga with a big body kick. Moraga is starting to throw for the fences, Benavidez is landing counter shots well. They clinch at 2:48, Benavidez puts Moraga on the fence and Moraga has begun bleeding from the top of his head. Benavidez gets a slam takedown into side control on top and landing some elbows to the ribs of Moraga.

Round 3: Benavidez stays being aggressive in this round. Moraga lands a good left hook, he starts throwing bombs and lands back-to-back right hook. These dudes are putting on a heck of a fight. Moraga with a leaping right knee, but Benavidez kicked him out of the air! Benavidez has his hands very low, he’s starting to get tired Moraga continues to bleed from his forehead. Benavidez with a takedown that allows him to stay on top in side control and then into guard. Benavidez works him over with strikes from the top.

Result: Joseph Benavidez def. John Moraga via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Heavyweight Bout: #7 Andrei Arlovski vs. #3 Travis Browne

Round 1: Browne using a wide stance as Arlovski tries to close the distance. Arlovski caught him with a right uppercut, Arlovski swarms him and tries to finish Browne. Arlovski puts Browne up against the fence and continues to fire away. Browne backs off and tries to recover from getting hit in the face with a brick known as Arlovski’s right hand. Arlovski is throwing the overhand right more and more. Arlovski lands it again, Browne is rocked. Arlovski rocked him again, he swarms him and Browne is on dream street. Browne tries to shake it off, Arlovski waits and looks for his opening. Browne with a leg kick. Arlovski presses forward, throws some strikes, but misses them all. Arlovski tagged him, Browne dropped. Browne back to his feet, Arlovski with more strikes. Browne with a right hook that dropped Arlovski. Arlovski with a big knee, Arlovski with more combos that put’s Browne on the fence. Arlovski misses a body kick. They exchange in the pocket. Browne can barely stand up and Arlovski lands straight right then the fight is stopped.

Result: Andrei Arlovski def. Travis Browne via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 4:41

Lightweight Bout: #3 Donald Cerrone vs. John Makdessi

Round 1: Cerrone with a leg kick right out of the gate. Both men have a feeling out process. Makdessi mixing up things with some kicks. The fans are behind Cerrone for sure. Cerrone lands a head kick. Makdessi with an inside left hook. Makdessi with a nice left hook body and head strike combo. In and out strikes by both men. Makdessi continues to tag the left body and head combo. Cerrone needs to clean that up. Cerrone checks a leg kick and counters with a left jab.

Round 2: Cerrone with a nice strike combo that finishes with a leg kick. They exchange in the pocket, Cerrone using his jabs well and it has busted the nose of Makdessi up pretty good. A very competitive fight between two men, who look to keep it standing. Cerrone continues to utilize his leg kicks that allowed openings in the upper body defense of Makdessi. Cerrone lands a knee to the body followed by a head kick. Cerrone with a head kick, Makdessi called timeout and the fight is over. Joe Rogan says that he has a broken jaw.

Result: Donald Cerrone def. John Makdessi via TKO (kick) – Round 2, 4:44

Middleweight Title Fight: Chris Weidman (c) vs. #3 Vitor Belfort

Round 1: Weidman presses forward early, he lands a head kick right out of the gate. Weidman using his kicks early and often. Weidman shot in on a single leg, but Belfort side stepped him and tossed Weidman into the cage. Belfort blitzed him with strikes, but Weidman got a takedown. Weidman on top in mount and lays on the strikes thick. Weidman swarms him, Herb Dean steps in and stops the fight.

Result: Chris Weidman def. Vitor Belfort via TKO (ground and pound) at 2:53 of R1

Light Heavyweight Title Fight: #3 Daniel Cormier vs. #1 Anthony Johnson

Round 1: DC poked Johnson accidentally in the eye right off the bat. Johnson with a huge right hand that dropped DC, but DC recovered and DC got the back of Johnson while in the clinch. DC puts him up on the fence, then slams Johnson down. DC puts all of his weight on Johnson to try and keep him down. Johnson stays on his feet, DC works for a single leg takedown, he gets it. Johnson gets to his feet, DC has a hold of Johnson’s head while in the clinch on the fence. Johnson got free, but DC stays on him in the clinch. Johnson with a head kick as he breaks free. DC with a wild swing, Johnson tagged him with a straight right. DC went for a takedown but stuffed. Johnson with another head kick. DC clinches and puts Johnson on the fence with under a minute to go.

Round 2: Johnson uses some leg kicks, DC throws somebody kicks. Johnson with a head kick and then an overhand right. Johnson threw a body kick, but DC caught it and shot in on a single leg. DC with a double leg slam and got into half guard. DC with elbows from the top while in half guard. So far, DC is 2 for 8 on his takedowns. DC worked for a kimura but quickly let it go. DC with some more elbows and then went for the kimura again. DC tries to softens up Johnson with elbows and then goes back to the kimura lock. DC with more strikes from the top. He mixes them up with body and head strikes as well as elbows. Johnson wants a stand up by big John McCarthy, he’s bleeding as the round ends.

Round 3: DC shot in for a takedown right away, but stuffed. Johnson even went for one, but that was stuffed. DC clinched and placed Johnson on the fence searching for a takedown. DC with some elbows to the face of Johnson while in the clinch. DC put Johnson down and attempted to get the back of Johnson. DC with some big shots to the jaw of Johnson. At this point, Anthony Johnson is tired as DC presses on. DC got the back of Johnson and locked in the rear-naked choke for the win!

Result: Daniel Cormier def. Anthony Johnson via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:39 of R3


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