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UFC 188 play-by-play results

[Show: UFC 188] [Location: Mexico] [Date: 6/13/15] [Airing Live On PPV]


PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass/7:00 p.m. ET)

Featherweight: Clay Collard vs. Gabriel Benitez

Round 1: Benitez with a big right hand that dropped Collard. Benitez got his back, but Collard bucked him off. Benitez back to his feet, they exchange with Collard in the middle. Benitez with a good low kick that hurt Collard. Things slow down one minute later. Benitez with a body kick, Collard sets his feet and is starting to find his strikes. Benitez with a straight left hand that stunned Collard. Benitez with a good body kick that makes the body of Collard red. Collard with a knee to the junk and then some elbows to the face of Benitez. There’s a break in the action. Back to the action, Collard shot in on a double-leg, but Benitez caught him with a guillotine choke and locked it in deep, but lost to. Collard got out of it, he’s bleeding. Collard got the back of Benitez with 1:49 remaining. Benitez with some big elbows to the face of Collard. Benitez got up, Collard presses him against the fence with one minute remaining. Collard with a suplex that led him into guard, but Benitez gets up and lands an uppercut to end the round.

Round 2: Benitez works over the legs of Collard with kicks. Collard answered with back-to-back jabs. Collard with an inside leg kick that was so hard thrown that he fell. Benitez with a nice straight left to the jaw and then to the body. Benitez threw a kick, but Collard caught it and got a double-leg. Benitez pressed off, then separated. Benitez with a kick to the body that hurt Collard, but Collard landed a double leg takedown. Benitez attacks the ribs of Collard, something is wrong with Collard’s ribs for sure. Benitez up and back striking at 1:32. Collard’s nose is bleeding, Benitez with a left hook to the body of Collard. They trade to the bell.

Round 3: Collard is hurting badly due to those ribs. Benitez threw a body kick, but Collard caught it and just hanged on to the leg of Benitez. Benitez rolled over into the mount on top at 2:53. Benitez with some elbows from the top. Collard bucked him off and got back to his feet. Benitez gave some great heart in this fight. Collard with a double leg takedown at the 2:00 mark. Collard got the back of Benitez and that’s how we end the fight.

Result: Gabriel Benitez def. Clay Collard via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Welterweight: Augusto Montano vs. Cathal Pendred

Round 1: Montano with a lot of footwork early in the fight. The fans are fully behind Montano. Cathal shoots in on a double leg but stuffed. Cathal presses him against the fence, but quickly break. Cathal went for a spinning back kick but missed. Montano with a press kick to the body of Cathal. Montano slipped, but right back up. Cathal is getting frustrated and started taunting him. Montano with a flying knee to the body of Cathal. Cathal clinched and put Montano on the fence.

Round 2: In between rounds, Herb Dean threatened Montano to be more active. Cathal chased after Cathal but ate a huge right hand by Montano. Cathal recovered and clinched with Montano on the fence. Cathal landed some knees to the legs of Montano. Cathal got a sweep takedown, he was on top of Montano working him over with some small strikes. Montano made his way up to his feet and landed a knee to the gut of Cathal. Montano was dragged down again by Cathal, who continued to dominate him in this round.

Round 3: Montano clinched with Cathal, he landed a knee to the body of Cathal. However, Cathal pressed through and put Montano on the fence. He let it go after Montano hit him in the ribs with some knees. Cathal with another clinch attempt, but let it go. Both guys danced around a bit and went the distances.

Result: Cathal Pendred def. Augusto Montano via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)



Lightweight: Johnny Case vs. Frank Trevino

Round 1: Case with a flurry of strikes and mixes things up with some kicks. Trevino threw a kick but caught and Case just lit him up. Trevino is trying to throw kicks, but Case is sidestepping it. Trevino with a good counter right that stunned Case. Case lands a good uppercut after that rocked Trevino. Trevino accidentally poked Case in the eye and he screamed when it happened. Case with a single leg takedown as the fight continues. Case got the mount but lost it and Trevino on top now. Case looked for a guillotine choke, but let it go so he could sweep Trevino.

Round 2: Case with an uppercut to begin the round and is still having issues with that eye. Case with a trip takedown, Case got the back of Trevino and landed some hammer fists. Case looked for a rear-naked choke. Trevino scrambled him off and is on top. Case got to his feet at 1:21.

Round 3: Case with some big right hands, he got a trip takedown halfway through the round and got on top. The fans boo as Case gets into guard. Trevino got to his feet, he clinched with Case and they end the round striking.

Result: Johnny Case def. Francisco Trevino via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Bantamweight: Alejandro Perez vs. Patrick Williams

Round 1: Williams went right at Perez, he landed an uppercut and then an overhand right and locked in a guillotine choke to put Perez out!

Result: Patrick Williams def. Alejandro Perez via technical submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1, 0:23


Lightweight: Efrain Escudero vs. Drew Dober

Round 1: Escudero dropped him with a leg kick and locked in a guillotine choke that finishes the fight!

Result: Efrain Escudero def. Drew Dober via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 1, 0:54


Flyweight: Henry Cejudo vs. Chico Camus

Round 1: Cejudo clinches with Camus and put him against the octagon. However, Camus got out very quickly. Cejudo went back to it, but nothing there either. Camus with an uppercut, Cejudo shoved him against the fence and shot in, but stuffed. They are separated and met back in the middle of the cage. Cejudo shot in on a single leg, but Camus scrambled out. Cejudo clinches and puts him on the fence.

Round 2: Cejudo with a good inside uppercut that led him right back to the clinch game with Camus. Cejudo let it go, he stands in front of Camus and is eating jab, after jab. Cejudo landed a good counter right that leads to him shooting in for a single leg, but stuffed. Cejudo back on the fence in the clinch. Camus would get out of the clinch and then Cejudo goes right back to it. Camus with some great takedown defense against an phenomenal wrestler.

Round 3: They both exchanged left hooks to start the fight. Much of the same from the previous two rounds. Cejudo trying to get a takedown, but stuffed by Camus. The only fire works came when Cejudo got a throw takedown with thirty seconds left in the round.

Result: Henry Cejudo def. Chico Camus via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


MAIN CARD (PPV/10 p.m. ET)

Female Strawweight: #5 Tecia Torres vs. #15 Angela Hill

Round 1: Torres with a press kick to open the round. Torres with a flurry of strikes. Hill pressing the action early. Torres went for a double hook takedown, but stuffed. Torres presses her against the fence. Torres got the trip takedown and fell into half guard halfway through this round. Hill attempts to scramble out, but can’t and Torres dominates the remaining seconds of this fight.

Round 2: Hill continues to press forward, but still not being active enough with her hands. Torres with a double leg takedown at 4:10. Torres works her over with some punches, but not a ton of action while they’re on the ground. At 2:00, Torres got the back of Hill, but Hill used some good back defense and rolled over to let Torres have guard on top. With under thirty seconds remaining, Hill got to her feet, but Torres stayed on her in the clinch to end the round.

Round 3: Hill is breathing hard coming into this round. She still presses forward but is not active enough. Hill uses a straight right while running at Torres. Torres clinched with Hill and put her on the fence, she works for a single leg takedown. Hill puts up a fight but did nothing offensive in this entire fight.

Result: Tecia Torres def. Angela Hill via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Featherweight: Yair Rodriguez vs. Charles Rosa

Round 1: They both exchange leaping kicks and knees. Rodriguez with a flying knee that connected to the jaw of Rosa then drop down for an arm-triangle choke. Rodriguez worked for it, but couldn’t finish it. Rosa got out and started pouring down strikes. Rodriguez attempts to all walk, but gave up his back in the process. Rosa keeps him down while landing some big shots. Rodriguez made it to his feet with Rosa still on him in the clinch. Rosa dumped him but ate some up kicks by Rodriguez. Rosa with some strikes from the top, Rodriguez scrambled out after attempting a leg lock and we go to the second round.

Round 2: Rodriguez with a nice leg kick that dropped Rosa, but he quickly recovered. Rodriguez with a front leg side kicked to the face. Rosa is starting to bleed from his head. Rosa clinches and puts him on the fence. That cut is nasty as Rosa shot in on a single-leg, but couldn’t complete it. Rosa shot in on a single-leg, but ate an elbow and dropped. Rodriguez with some more elbows from the top, but Rosa scrambled to his feet. Rosa got a late round takedown, but Rodriguez rolled over in transition to land some elbows.

Round 3: Rosa opens the round off with a big right hook. Rosa got a double leg takedown within thirty seconds of the round. Rosa on top in half guard, he works some elbows over on the face of Rodriguez. In desperation, Rodriguez went for a triangle choke off his back, but Rosa powered out and stays on top. Rodriguez scrambled off his back and to his feet. Rodriguez pulled guard, and Rosa got into side control. Rosa ends the round strong by being on top and throwing some big shots.

Result: Yair Rodriguez def. Charles Rosa via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Middleweight: Kelvin Gastelum vs. Nate Marquardt

Round 1: Nate presses the action early, but Gastelum swarms him with strikes to keep him on his toes. Gastelum tagged Nate and then hit him in the ribs with a knee. Nate with a straight right hand. Gastelum with a goo 1-2 combo. Gastelum clinches with him and ends it with an elbow. Nate pushes Gastelum up against the fence in the clinch, but then let go. Nate with some dirty boxing. Nate with a trip takedown, but Gastelum right back to his feet. Gastelum went and got a double-leg takedown. Gastelum on top and got the back of Nate. Gastelum softens him up with strikes, but Nate scrambled off his feet. Gastelum blasts Nate with under ten seconds but survives.

Round 2: Gastelum opens the round with a leg kick, he starts using a lead right jab. Gastelum was getting inside of Nate’s range, tagging him and then getting out of the way before Nate could counter. Gastelum works over the body of Nate, he hurts Nate and lands some knees to the jaw of Nate. Gastelum swarms him but survives the flurry. Nate got to his feet but laid down to avoid a knee. Gastelum with some hammer fists to the face of Nate. Gastelum got inside the guard of Nate, he continues to smash Nate’s face. In between the rounds, Nate’s corner stopped the fight after Nate said he has nothing left.

Result: Kelvin Gastelum def. Nate Marquardt via TKO (corner stoppage) – Round 2, 5:00


Lightweight: #4 Gilbert Melendez vs. #9 Eddie Alvarez

Round 1: Both fighters with a low stance and each men trying to find their distance. Melendez using a lead left jab. Melendez with a big right elbow and then another. Alvarez is rocked! Alvarez recovered nice. So far, Melendez has gotten the better of the exchanges. Alvarez went for a spinning head kick, but missed. They exchange to the bell. Alvarez’s left eye is swollen bad.

Round 2: Alvarez opened the round with a straight right. Alvarez’s left eye is completely swollen shut, he’s fighting, great heart, but he can’t see out of his left eye. Alvarez with a left hook then shot in on a double-leg but stuffed. Melendez was kneed in the groin but keeps fighting after he recovered. Melendez shot in on a double-leg but stuffed. He followed it up with a knee to the ribs of Alvarez.

Round 3: Alvarez shot in on a double-leg, but stuffed. Alvarez clinched and pushed him up against the fence. Alvarez stayed after it and got it moments later. Melendez wall walked his way up to his feet and is shown to be tired. Melendez pushed him off and threw a knee, but missed. Melendez with some big shots that backs Alvarez off the attack. The fans start to boo for some reason. Alvarez got the single leg takedown, but Melendez right back to his feet. Alvarez clinched and put him on the fence. Melendez got out and they go back to exchanging strikes to close the round.

Result: Eddie Alvarez def. Gilbert Melendez via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Unified UFC Heavyweight Championship: Cain Velasquez (c) vs. Fabricio Werdum (ic)

Round 1: No glove touch by either fighter. They exchange bombs right off the bat. Werdum slipped, but Velasquez let him up. They clinch, Werdum with some big knees in the corner. Velasquez put him up against the fence, the crowd is going nuts. They exchange knees, Cain’s cut over his left eye. Velasquez got a single leg takedown into side control. Velasquez with some elbows as Werdum rolled and scrambled to his feet. They exchange in the pocket, Velasquez lights him with punches. Werdum with a trip takedown, but Velasquez right back to his feet. Velasquez with some big shots that rock Werdum. Werdum looks a bit tired but keeps coming forward with some straight right hands. Werdum pulled guard, but Velasquez stepped away and let him back up. Werdum with some jabs and Velasquez is a bloody mess right now.

Round 2: Werdum with some head kicks and then counter right. Velasquez presses forward, he starts throwing some leg kicks. Werdum isn’t checking any of them. Velasquez constantly pressing forward, two juggernauts going at it. Werdum tagged him with a good jab and then rocks Velasquez. However, Velasquez cliches, but Werdum continues to throw strikes. They separate, then exchange in the pocket. What a fight! Werdum swarms him and tags Velasquez over and over. Werdum with a knee to the face of Velasquez. By the end of round two, Velasquez is wobbly and tired. Joe Rogan plays up the altitude as the factor in Velasquez performance. Werdum rocked and dropped Velasquez with an uppercut. Velasquez gets back to his feet Cain won’t go down!

Round 3: Velasquez with a takedown right out of the gate. Werdum rolled through and got on top. Velasquez scrambled to his feet, then let Werdum up. Werdum with a lead jab. Velasquez threw a head kick then pressed forward with the clinch. Werdum with a guillotine choke, Velasquez slipped out but ate some big shots in the pocket. Velasquez gets out again. Talk about heart, that’s what Velasquez has. Velasquez shot in on a double-leg takedown, but Werdum caught him with a guillotine choke for the win!

Result: Fabricio Werdum def. Cain Velasquez via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 3, 2:15


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