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UFC 244: Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal ends in controversy

The first-ever BMF (Baddest Mother F**cker) Champion was crowned at UFC 244. Before the fight started, The Rock was introduced with his WWE theme music and he held up the title at cageside and then sat next to Dana White.

Here is a clip from The Rock’s entrance:

Here’s a recap of what went down during the fight between Nick Diaz and Jorge Masvidal…

Round 1: Diaz was rocked and cut open in the first minute. Diaz had to cover up on the ground as Masvidal hit him with several punches. It looked really bad for Diaz for a few seconds but Masvidal seemed to back off a little and that allowed Diaz to recover. The referee eventually let Nate stand up and the fight continued. Diaz was able to land some big shots bu Masvidal got him up against the cage. Diaz nailed Masvidal with a big left to the chin towards the end of the round. Diaz’s right side of his face was covered in blood. Diaz’s cut was over his right eyebrow.

Round 2: Diaz was forced to go down after taking a nasty right hand and a body shot. Masvidal didn’t want to go to the ground so Diaz was allowed to get up. Masvidal continued to land some vicious head and body shots and a knee to the face up against the cage. Masvidal took Diaz’s back and slammed him to the ground. He’s easily winning the fight so far.

Round 3: They traded punches in the first minute of this round but Masvidal landed some heavy punches up against the cage. Masvidal has controlled the pace of the fight so far. Diaz looked like he was having trouble seeing as he had to keep wiping the blood from his right eye. Masvidal landed some big shots on the ground in the closing seconds of the round. Diaz was able to land some punches from the ground but Masvidal landed some elbows as the round ended.

Nate Diaz told the doctor he was fine but the doctor called off the fight because of the cut over the eyebrow. Fans chanted “bullsh*t.”

The Rock wrapped the belt around Masvidal’s waist. Masvidal said this fight needs to happen again.

Diaz said he didn’t think the fight was going to be stopped because he was just getting started. Diaz said he’s coming back for Masvidal.

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