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UFC Fight Night 67 play-by-play results

[Show: UFC Fight Night 67] [Location: Goiania, Goias, Brazil] [Date: 5/30/15] [Airing Live On Fox Sports 1]


Welterweight: Tom Breese vs. Luiz Dutra

Round 1: Some hand fighting early in the round. Dultra with a solid body kick. They clinch at 4:17, Breese lands a good knee to the body as he presses Dulta up against the fence. They clinch on the fence while Breese uses his knees very well. Dultra with some elbows to the face of Breese that woke up Breese. They separated at 3:12. Breese exits with a head kick. Dulta with a good left hook. Breese moves forward, avoids a right hook to his body and clinches with Dulta on the fence. Dulta spins and went for a takedown. They exchange positions on the fence. Dulta misses with an uppercut to get off the fence. Dulta fired away with an uppercut to the jaw and a hook to the body of Breese. Breese clinches, Dulta landed a left uppercut and they set on the fence again. Breese with a brief trip takedown. Breese with a big straight left hand that drops Dulta and puts him on his back. Breese with a rapid fire of left hammer fists that finishes Dulta.

Result: Tom Breese def. Luiz Dutra via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 4:58

Female Strawweight: #13 Juliana Lima vs. Ericka Almeida

Round 1: Almeida with a straight right into a judo throw. Almeida on top in side control with a headlock on Lima. Lima rolled through and has a triangle on the neck of Almeida. However, Almeida let go and Lima got on top in guard at 3:45 near the cage. Lima controls the majority of the round on top in this position. Almeida tries to land some punches from the bottom, but nothing significant. Almeida rolled through at 1:45 and went for a leg lock, Lima blocked this and went got back on top in guard. The round ends with Lima on top.

Round 2: Lima with an immediate takedown and landed in guard on top. Lima with some good ground and pound. Lima puts her up against the fence and continues to land some big shots. Complete domination. Lima mixes it up with elbows as well. They are stood up with less than one minute remaining. Lima stays the aggressor.

Round 3: Lima with an opening round left hook. Almeida is back peddling in the exchanges. Almeida with a good counter right. Lima with a leg kick, but Almeida lands another counter strike. See a pattern here? Almeida is landing some big counter strikes. Lima threw a high head kick, but missed and Almeida landed a counter straight right punch. They exchanged in the pocket. Almeida is putting everything into every strike and is gaining more confidences as the round comes to a close. Almeida is the one pressing forward instead of Lima. Almeida with a good stiff and move. Lima landed a double leg takedown at 1:35. Lima in guard on top.

Result: Juliana Lima def. Ericka Almeida via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)


Featherweight: Mirsad Bektic vs. Lucas Martins

Round 1: Bektic comes out swinging. They exchange, Bektic with a single leg takedown and into guard on top. Marins is already cut open round his right eye. Bektic works him over with punches while on top. Bektic puts him near the fence and Bektic is landing some big left hands to the face of Martins. Martins is trying to get off his back by wall walking, that cut has also opened up pretty good. Martins to his feet at 2:31. They exchange in the pocket. Bektic with a front face soccer kick. Bektic gets a single leg takedown momentarily, but Martins back to his feet. Bektic drags him back down and gets the back of Martins.

Round 2: Bektic with a huge straight right that dropped Martins right off the bat. Bektic fired away with strikes from the top and the fight was stopped.

Result: Mirsad Bektic def. Lucas Martins via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 0:30

Welterweight: Nicolas Dalby vs. Elizeu Zaleski

Round 1: Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Dalby landed an overhand right, Zaleski with some wild punches that stunned Dalby. However, Dalby recovers and shoots in on a double leg takedown, which he got at 3:15. Zaleski on top guard is stood up quickly by Maro Y. Dalby works the leg of Zaleski with kicks in order to open up something high. Zaleski is trying to find his range early, which he makes him miss some big strikes. Zaleski threw a big kick, but missed and Dalby took him down. Dalby on top in guard. Zaleski makes his way up to his feet, but Dalby stays on him. They scramble around on the ground leading to the bell.

Round 2: They exchange in the pocket to open up the round. This Brazil fans are fired up for this event, wow. Zaleski is looking for a right hook while Dalby is trying to throw a counter punch to anything that Zaleski throws at him. Zaleski with a left hook followed by a head kick. Dalby shot in on a single leg, he clinched and put Zaleski on the fence. Dalby with a double leg takedown. Zaleski back to his feet, but Dalby still on him in the clinch. Dalby with a waist lock takedown. Dalby landing a knee to the face of Zaleski as they separated from the clinch. Zaleski is throwing for the fences. Dalby landed a counter right hand that stunned Zaleski. They exchanged in the pocket as we end this round.

Round 3: Dalby with a knee to the gut of Zaleski right out of the gate. They clinched momentarily. Dalby with a kick to the shoulder of Zaleski. Zaleski with some right hooks. Zaleski landed a left hook and Dalby is back peddling. Dalby presses forward, but Zaleski avoids those shots due to great head movement. Zaleski lands an uppercut and Dalby ate it like a cookie. They clinched, both exchanged knees and then went to the fence to continue to clinch. Zaleski with a takedown and gets top position. Dalby back to his feet, they exchange to the sound of the bell.

Result: Nicolas Dalby def. Elizeu Zaleski via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Flyweight: #4 Jussier Formiga vs. #12 Wilson Reis

Round 1: Formiga with a straight left hand that dropped Reis. Formiga pounced on him, but Reis rolled to his feet. A bit of a feeling out process after the face start of this round. Formiga with a good leg kick that backed up Reis. Reis landed a right hook that stunned Formiga. Formiga answered with a straight right hand. They clinched for a moment, but let go. Weis is starting to let his hands go as this round moves on.

Round 2: Reis with a takedown right off the bat and got in guard on top. Reis with big shots room the top as Formiga tries to find a way off his back. Formiga worked off his back and to his feet. Formiga clinches with Reis and puts him on the fence as we are halfway through the round. Reis went for a single leg, but let it go. Formiga with an overhand right. Reis shot in and got a single leg takedown, but Formiga hopped right back up to his feet. Formiga on the fence, Formiga reversed and got a trip takedown. Reis scrambled to his feet and they clinched on the fence.

Round 3: Reis faked a takedown, but instead clinched with Formiga. Reis with a knee to the gut of Formiga. Reis kept him on the fence for the majority of the round, which left a dull feeling throughout it. They exchanged and made it interesting to say the least for the last thirty seconds. Formiga with a trip, got the back and fired away with strikes from the back to close the round.

Result: Jussier Formiga def. Wilson Reis via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight: Rony Jason vs. Damon Jackson

Round 1: Jason with a flying knee that caught Jackson in the ribs. Jackson clinches during this move and puts Jason on the fence. Jason separated quickly and threw a body kick. Jackson caught this and took him down with a double leg takedown. Jackson lands a big elbow from the guard on top. Jackson landed an illegal knee, which got the fight stopped momentarily. Jackson with a nice level change into a double leg takedown. Jason sweeps and went for a triangle choke, which he got the win with.

Result: Rony Jason def. Damon Jackson via submission (triangle choke) – Round 1, 3:31

MAIN CARD (FOX Sports 1/10 p.m. ET)

Welterweight: Wendell Oliveira vs. Darren Till

Round 1: Oliveira clinches right away, he puts Till up against the fence and lands some knees to the body of Hill. They separated moments later. Oliveira has control of this round at least. Till landed a head kick followed by a right hook. Oliveira uses a lot of movement to create space for the lack of range with Till making up so much distance. Till using leg kicks more and more. Till just misses a straight left hand. This is Till’s UFC debut.

Round 2: Oliveira rushes in, Till with a body lock and put him on the fence. After going back and forth, Till got a quick trip takedown. Oliveira backup, eats a head kick and Till landed a left hook. Oliveira is walking into bombs, put those hands up! Till with a single leg takedown, he is on top in half guard working over Oliveira with some elbows that knocks out Oliveira and stuns this crowd.

Result: Darren Till def. Wendell Oliveira via knockout (elbows) – Round 2, 1:37

Lightweight: Norman Parke vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1: Trinaldo with an opening round leg kick. Parke is throwing head kicks like no tomorrow. Trinaldo is setting up his strikes with a leading right jab. Parke with an overhand left strike. Trinaldo is looking to land a huge sweeping left strike, but is missing. Parke with a double leg takedown, Trinaldo with some elbows of his back to the shoulder of Parke. Trinaldo scrambled to his feet, Parke stays on him in the clinch on the fence. Parke gets the back of Trinaldo, but Trinaldo rolls off his back. Parke tossed him to the ground. Trinaldo back to his feet and finishes the round with some big uppercuts.

Round 2: Trinaldo opens the round with a great striking combo. Parke shot in on a double leg, but stuffed by Trinaldo. Trinaldo put Parke on the fence in the clinch. They separate, Parke shot in again, but stuffed again. Trinaldo with a knee to the head of Parke. Trinaldo landed a flying knee to the head of Parke. This led to Parke clinching and then throwing some bombs. Trinaldo with some elbows, Parke is using some head movement to avoid those. Parke is trying to get some distance, but Trinaldo is like the terminator. He keeps coming forward! Parke is breathing heavy as Trinaldo keeps firing away on him. Trinaldo throws some big shots at the end of the round to finish strong.

Round 3: Parke shot in on a single leg and got it at 4:05. Parke on top in half guard, pushes Trinaldo up against the fence. Parke gets the back of Trinaldo and lands some big strikes from the top. Parke with some elbows as the fans boo this fight. Parke went for a neck crank, but Trinaldo blocked it. Trinaldo got out, but Parke ends the round in dominating fashion.

Result: Francisco Trinaldo def. Norman Parke via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Light Heavyweight: Ryan Jimmo vs. Francimar Barroso

Round 1: Barroso is very aggressive early on. Barroso clinches and puts Jimo on the fence. Barroso with knees to the legs and knees of Jimo. Barroso attempts to get a leg takedown, but just can’t. Jimmo slipped, but he got back to his feet. Not a ton of action going on in this round. They break, Jimmo with a head kick.

Round 2: Barroso with another clinch attempt that backs up Jimmo to the fence. They are separated, Jimmo with some leg kicks. Barroso kicked Jimm in the junk and there is a break in the action. We’re back underway after taking a whole five minutes due to Jimmo not being able to have kids anymore. Jimmo comes at him aggressive. They exchange to the bell.

Round 3: Both guys hesitating to throw a strike, Barroso bull rushed and clinched with Jimmo on the fence. Jimmo works the jabs to attempt to set up some combos. The fans hate this fight and boo’d through most of it. Barroso clinched and put Jimmo on the fence. They exchanged to the bell.

Result: Francimar Barroso def. Ryan Jimmo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Lightweight: Alex Oliveira vs. KJ Noons

Round 1: Noons with back-to-back straight right hands that landed on the jaw of Oliveira. Oliveira chases him down, he clinches and puts Noons on the fence. Oliveira dragged Noons down to the ground. Noons back to his feet, but Oliveira slammed him down to the ground again. Noon back to his feet, both guys struggling to see who’s toughest early. Oliveira got the back of Noons and locked in the rear-naked-choke for the win.

Result: Alex Oliveira def. K.J. Noons via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:51

Co-Main Event – Featherweight: #8 Nik Lentz vs. #9 Charles Oliveira

Round 1: Both fighters use leg kicks to open the round. Lentz clinched and looked for a takedown. Oliveira stays on his feet, Lentz with an uppercut, but Oliveira dropped down for a guillotine choke. Oliveira let go and is on his back. Lentz stood up, he made it back in half guard and then let Oliveira back up to his feet. Oliveira clinched, landed a judo throw. Lentz back to his feet at 2:53. They exchange in the pocket, then Lentz clinched and put Oliveira on the fence. Oliveira with a knee to the gut of Lentz. Oliveira grabbed on to his eye as Lentz fired away with big strikes. They exchange strikes in the pocket. Oliveira with a knee to the gut of Lentz and Lentz fell down to the ground. Oliveira with a series of strikes. Oliveira fell on Lentz and stopped throwing strikes. Oliveira with some hammer fists and elbows. Oliveira mounted him and we got to the bell.

Round 2: Both fighters come out swinging, Lentz clinched and placed Oliveira on his back with a throw. Lentz in guard on top. Oliveira went for an arm triangle off his back, but blocked by Lentz and Lentz went for a guillotine choke. Lentz let it go at 2:25 while in half guard. Lentz placed Oliveira on the fence, but Oliveira quickly makes it up to his feet.

Round 3: Lentz clinched with Oliveira right away, but Oliveira locked in a guillotine choke and put the pressure on tight. Lentz tapped and this fight is over!

Result: Charles Oliveira def. Nik Lentz via submission (guillotine choke) – Round 3, 1:10

Main Event – Welterweight: #4 Carlos Condit vs. #12 Thiago Alves

Round 1: Alves caught Condit up stairs with a kick. Alves is cutting off the cage and keep Condit close to him early on. Condit with a striking combo. Condit has no fear using his leg kicks after tearing his ACL. Condit is confident with his strikes and is throwing more in volume. Alves with a lead elbow and then a nasty leg kick.

Round 2: Condit with a huge straight left hand that drops Alves. Condit swarms him in back mount and Alves covered up. It appears that Alves broke his nose as it is a bloody mess. Condit with some elbows now from half guard. This is a bloody mess, Alves locked in a guillotine choke, but Condit got out. They exchanged in the pocket. Alves clinched, landed a knee to the gut of Condit and separated. Condit with a big right hand, then some elbows and then a big takedown. Condit in north, south position. Condit spun to the back of Alves and locked in a choke. Condit let it go, he landed some big shots from top position. Alves got to his feet, battled out and they go back and forth with strikes. In between rounds, the doctor called for the stoppage and this fight is over.

Result: Carlos Condit def. Thiago Alves via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) – Round 2, 5:00


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