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10 Takeaways from WWE FastLane


10. Stardust is not Cody Rhodes and he’s not Goldust or Dusty Rhodes either

In his loss to Goldust, Stardust gave a phenomenal performance, which leads up to two very important events: the distancing himself from the legacy that is Dusty Rhodes and Goldust, and the destruction of horribly plaguing characters that he’s had to endure over his very short career.

Even in Cody’s after fight confrontation, you saw him relieving himself of the frustration he felt from being bogged down by his family’s legacy. This is going to make for a strong solo career for him, as his brother transitions into the back area to help younger talent. Aside from the Miz, Stardust has the potential to be one of the greatest solo heels working in the modern era of WWE

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