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10 Times in WWE History They Could’ve Used Braun Strowman’s Strength

In case you haven’t been watching WWE programming in the last month, Braun Strowman has been on a tear. By now, everyone is well aware of just how strong the Monster Among Men truly is. But, this new stretch of unbelievable feats of strength is downright astonishing. He’s thrown people around as if they’re children. He turned over an ambulance with absolutely no production assistance out of the camera’s view. Last week on Raw, he threw Kalisto in a dumpster and tossed it off the stage. At Payback, he took a door off an ambulance – it all made me think. What if Strowman had been around at a time when his strength could’ve been used for good? I’ve thought of at least 10 instances when WWE needed his…well….brawn.


10. When Shane McMahon didn’t break the glass at King of the Ring – Kurt Angle should’ve never tried to suplex McMahon through that glass pane. It didn’t break, and they had to re-do the move, therefore increasing the danger in it. Well, they could’ve paused. Angle could’ve summoned Strowman and he would’ve suplexed McMahon right through the glass on the first try. I mean, sure, there’s also a chance that Strowman would’ve thrown McMahon clean to catering. But, at the very least, Angle and McMahon wouldn’t be as embarrassed as they were when the glass failed to bust.

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