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25 rare (or awkward) photos of The Undertaker


25 rare (or awkward) photos of The Undertaker


For years, The Undertaker did everything to protect his character. In fact, during the early days of the internet it was extremely rare to find anything from The Undertaker’s career outside of the WWE. He would always skip Hall of Fame ceremonies so he could protect the character. In 2000 he dropped the deadman character and became biker Undertaker on World Wrestling Federation television. During this time he began to let people in to some of the personal sides to Mark Callaway. In 2001 his wife Sarah was introduced on WWF TV in a storyline with Diamond Dallas Page.

He would also make an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2003 about a year before he would return to the deadman gimmick. In previous years he would make rare TV appearances but he was always in full character. These days we have social media and with the rumors about his future it seems like we see or hear something about everyone’s favorite deadman at least every week or so.

The Undertaker does not have a Twitter, Facebook account, or Instagram so he still attempts to protect his character. The only real glimpse into The Undertaker’s personal life is through his wife Michelle McCool. We know much more about The Undertaker’s career and his early days wrestling in Texas but many fans are still fascinated when they see a rare or awkward Undertaker photo pop up. So for your enjoyment, here are 25 of the most rare or awkward photos of The Undertaker.

Is there a photo that should be included? If you have it then please feel free to add it in the comments below. Ok, enough from me. Click on the button below to check out the photos.

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