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25 WWE email addresses part of the Ashley Madison leak

Deadspin is reporting that there were 25 registered WWE accounts included in the data dump of hacked accounts on the Ashley Madison website. For those that don’t know, the Ashley Madison website helps married people cheat on their spouse and the claim is that they are completely safe from being caught. Millions of user emails, names, addresses, etc were leaked this week.

It should be noted that the Ashley Madison site does not verify email addresses to anyone, in theory, could register with whatever email address they want so there’s a good chance that most, if not all, of the WWE email addresses listed were used by people that don’t actually work for WWE.

Deadspin notes that there were also 39 ESPN registered accounts, 18 NFL registered accounts, 25 NBA registered accounts, 4 NHL registered accounts, 4 MLB registered accounts, 10 Fox Sports registered accounts, 39 CBS registered accounts, and 47 registered accounts. There were hundreds of accounts using the address.

I would assume that most of these accounts (or all) are not tied to real employees of these companies since it would be beyond stupid to use your work email to register on this type of website.

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