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55-year old "Kane" Glenn Jacobs credits DDP Yoga for amazing body transformation

WWE/Glenn Jacobs

WWE/Glenn Jacobs

The full-time wrestling days for former WWE star Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, are over as he plans to run for re-election this year in Knox County, Tennessee but never say never because he's in great shape these days.

Outside of an appearance at last year's Royal Rumble, the former WWE Champion hasn't wrestled a match since the Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia where he teamed with The Undertaker to face Triple H and Shawn Michaels and he hasn't wrestled a full-time house show schedule since 2016.

Age and injuries played a factor in him slowing down before his political aspirations but a recent photo shows that he may still have some matches left in him if he feels like taking a few more bumps.

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As seen in the photo below, he credits DDP Yoga and low carbs for helping him look and feel good. It's unclear how much weight he's lost but he appears to be in better shape than he was during his last appearance last year and when he wrestled in Saudi Arabia.