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71-year-old Vince McMahon in the gym & still ripped (photo), Lana's request to Shane McMahon, Rip Rogers talks about "smarks"



The Genetic Jackhammer is still in amazing shape even at the age of 71. A new photo of Vince McMahon, taken on Tuesday at a gym in Atlanta, has popped up online. McMahon is known for rarely taking vacations, being the first and last person at the arena, no-selling quad tears, and his insane workout regimen. It doesn't look like age has slowed him down because he is still in amazing shape. Check out the photo of McMahon below:

ridingthepine on Reddit

ridingthepine on Reddit

Lana wants to be part of the upcoming women's Money In The Bank match. She sent out a tweet and tagged Shane McMahon asking to be a part of this "first-ever" match. As we noted before on the site, she has been working shows in Florida. She is there to improve on her in-ring work since it looks like she will be wrestling when she is brought back up to the main roster.

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Rip Rogers is back at it on Twitter. This time he gives his thoughts on "smarks."

He posted the following: "Smack - Typically, a fat piece of shit slob with not a single athletic bone in his body that likes to yell out insults to athletes and entertainers.

In some extreme cases, they'll stoop as low as to buy an expensive ticket to a show just to boo someone that doesn't deserve it.

And at the end of the day, he'll go back to his parents' basement and take to social media and badmouth something just because he didn't get what he wanted, as if anyone gives a flying fuck about his mindless opinions."

I am sure that tweet will get people talking.