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A big clue on the identity of the mystery person returning to WWE NXT



A user on Reddit (@Bsantoro10) with a good eye noticed that the teaser video that aired last week on NXT includes a poster from TakeOver: Orlando.

If you look closely at the screenshot posted below, you can see part of the poster that shows Andrade's face. The photo of Andrade matches up with the TakeOver: Orlando poster.

We will find out who this mystery person is on October 4 at TakeOver: 31 but many fans on social media have guessed that this person is either Bo Dallas or Bobby Roode.

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All signs point to Roode returning to NXT since it was reported last week that he was about to return to WWE TV. The poster being featured in the video teaser seems to back up the theory about the Glorious version of Roode making his return.

If you missed it, click below to see the teaser for the mysterious person returning to NXT: