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A big name that was released by WWE is expected to return to the company



It looks like WWE will bring back one of the top names that were released in April as part of budget cuts.

Kurt Angle was brought back this week to be the special referee for the Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher match on NXT and he was featured on SmackDown in a backstage segment to introduce Matt Riddle to the SmackDown audience.

I was told that everyone expects Angle to be back. He is currently on a 90-day non-compete until July after it was announced by that he was one of the names released due to budget cuts related to the pandemic.

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"If they haven't signed him already then they will make an offer to him soon. Vince doesn't want to lose him to AEW," said a WWE source.

The person I spoke to knows that Kurt would likely not wrestle elsewhere after July but his name means a lot and Vince McMahon would rather not have him appear on a TV show for a competing company. Kurt was said to be happy with his backstage role so all signs point to him returning if he is offered a similar or better deal.

In addition to Angle, there was talk this week about some furloughed producers being brought back over the next few weeks.