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A Case for and Against Roman Reigns-Undertaker Headlining Wrestlemania 33

Early this morning, word broke that the current plan is for Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker to close Wrestlemania 33. Whether the plan sticks or not, the wrestling community is buzzing. But, like many issues in professional wrestling, there’s a case for either argument.

Why Reigns-Undertaker should not headline Wrestlemania 33

The first point is very obviously the magnitude of the match. We don’t know that this Undertaker’s last match at the moment. It certainly could be, but it hasn’t been announced and we’ve been saying “this is Undertaker’s final program” for two years now.

As it stands, this isn’t a championship match! The Streak isn’t even still alive. Traditionalists will say that the main championship should always close Wrestlemania. Or, they’ll bring up the Royal Rumble issue. The winner of the Rumble should always headline Wrestlemania, right? If the WWE decides to roll out Reigns-Undertaker last, it will be breaking a lot of wrestling fans’ favorite traditions.

Second, if the main event slot is open to any of the big matches, there are other programs that have been building for months, even years in the case of Rollins-Triple H. Why don’t they get that slot? A more obvious choice is Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton. The WWE Championship is on the line. Orton won the Royal Rumble. Besides, the program has been building since last Fall. Look at the long, rich history of these two opponents. If Goldberg-Brock Lesnar isn’t getting the main event slot, don’t Orton and Wyatt deserve it?

You could also point to Chris Jericho-Kevin Owens, AJ Styles-Shane McMahon. Hell, even Ambrose-Corbin has a deeper story and build behind it.

Or, hey – here’s an idea. You’ve been working on this “women’s revolution” for two years now. How about you slot one of the Women’s Championship matches last?

Finally, the Undertaker has very clearly lost a step. If you’re worried about Goldber-Lesnar, what makes you think Undertaker can go at an elite level? Sure, Reigns is one of the best wrestlers on the planet right now. He’s carried matches before, and honestly, might need to carry the Undertaker this Sunday.

So, these factors combined make for a strong case as to why this match should not main event Wrestlemania – there’s no championship on the line, a decent story is lacking, and Undertaker just can’t go like he used to.

Why Reigns-Undertaker should headline Wrestlemania 33

The easiest argument to make for this match going on last is that if it’s Undertaker’s last match, he deserves it. It’s that simple. For the better part of 30 years, the Dead Man has been the conscience of the WWE. He’s given his heart and soul to this business, so he absolutely more than deserves one last, grand curtain call.

Plus, do you really want to close the show with a slow, plodding, and I’d be willing to bet, clumsy Goldber-Lesnar match? I think it’s worth asking, “if you’re worried about this match, why’d you even book it in the first place?” But, I get it. Goldberg has had a nice run, sold a lot of merchandise, and this rivalry earned its place on the show. It’s a money grab. Nonetheless, there are questions of whether or not this match can even go seven minutes. Is that a Wrestlemania main event?

Third, if the ultimate objective is to make Reigns “the guy,” will this get him over? Absolutely. Just not in the way you’d expect. Reigns is already like the next John Cena. Children and the casual fans love the guy and buy up his merchandise like hot cakes. Diehard fans don’t like him at all. Regardless of where you stand on that debate, you have to acknowledge that defeating the Undertaker would increase his draw among casual fans and rile up the smarks.

Finally, think of that potential closing shot. Reigns just defeated the Undertaker, and we get one finally fist raise on the entrance ramp.

Now, when you think about this, there’s a strong case as to why the match should go on last – it could be sentimental, the alternative could be a dud, this could help Reigns, and create a grand Wrestlemania moment.

Where do you stand, WWE fans?

Stoney Keeley is the editor of The SoBros Network and covers the WWE for Follow on Twitter @StoneyKeeley@WrestlingNewsCo

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