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A former WWE star just threw gasoline on the AEW Revolution surprise rumors

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle is adding a lot of fuel to the rumors about a possible in-ring return with All Elite Wrestling.

Nothing is confirmed but a video posted on Angle's social media accounts has fans thinking that he plans on wrestling again. The timing of the video is interesting but one would think that if Angle is the person that AEW signed then he wouldn't spoil it before the pay-per-view.

Angle has noted on his podcast that he wasn't too happy with how things ended for his retirement match with Baron Corbin and he was dealing with a leg injury, which explains why he was not moving around so well during his last WWE run. As seen below, he has gotten himself in tremendous shape.

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For those of you that have asked, CM Punk has denied that he is the big surprise. Another name that is available is Christian, who recently returned at the WWE Royal Rumble. Christian is cleared to wrestle but he is not under a WWE contract.

Former WWE/ECW star Bully Ray's name has been brought up by some fans on Twitter and he appears to be having some fun with the rumors: