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A former WWE Superstar tried to win the 24/7 Title from R-Truth at Comic-Con


R-Truth is never safe as long as he has the WWE 24/7 Championship in his hands.

Truth was interviewed by IGN at San Diego Comic Con on Friday. He noted that he's had to defend the title on a golf course, on an airplane at 30,000 feet in the air, and he had to ruin someone's honeymoon.

Footage was shown of Truth walking around Comic Con in a penguin costume and he was able to stay away from potential title challengers.

That was until but things got a little bit crazy when former WWE Superstar "The Hurricane" Shane Helms appeared on the stage to confront the champion. Helms currently works as a producer for WWE.

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Referee John Cone showed up and that's when Helms rolled up Truth but he was unsuccessful. Helms disappeared but Drake Maverick, in his banana costume, showed up. Drake was also unable to pin Truth.

Drake then cried and said that Truth ruined his marriage and added that he has yet to consummate his marriage.

For what it's worth, The Hurricane is scheduled for Raw Reunion on Monday so he will have another opportunity to take the title if he wants it.

You can see what went down at San Diego Comic Con by clicking on the video below: