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A.J. Francis (Top Dolla) reveals the originally planned members of "Hit Row"



A.J. Francis, formerly "Top Dolla" spoke with Fightful this week where he talked about who he originally wanted to be in "Hit Row," as well as how he was considered to be the host for RAW Underground.

Top Dolla talking about who he wanted to be in Hit Row when he first got to WWE:

"When I first got to WWE, I wanted to do Hit Row, and I wanted to do it with Leo Rush and Swerve because I knew they were both rappers," he said.

"I was doing it on the Indies. My crew on the Indies was called The Row. I was the only person that wrestled and rapped. We had other rappers in the crew and we had other wrestlers in the crew, but I was the only one that wrestled and rapped."

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"I thought it would be really cool to be able to do it with people who all wrestled and rapped. So I wanted to do it with Leo and Swerve when I first got to WWE. But then what ended up happening was obviously Leo got released and Swerve was doing his solo thing. He was doing like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing leading into the feud with Leon Ruff. I was like, I'll just focus on myself. Then me, Briana, and Tehuti got put together by Ryan Katz.”

Top Dolla said he was considered to host RAW Underground:

"The true story about that is Edge calls me and he goes, 'Send me some promos', and I'm like, 'All right.' Edge is a really good guy and he's always looking to help out. I send like two or three promos," Francis said.

"He doesn't get back to me until the next day. I'm on the road doing 'Most Wanted Treasures' at this point. So he's like, 'Yeah, you know, we were in a meeting with Vince and other people. They were talking about who's going to host RAW Underground and I thought you would be the perfect host for it. They actually were going to run with you as the host, but you're on the road doing Most Wanted Treasures, and that's going to take up too much of your schedule to do RAW Underground.’"

"So that's when Shane came out as the host."

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