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A lot of people in wrestling were happy about Jon Moxley ripping WWE’s Kevin Dunn in his book

There was a lot of buzz for Jon Moxley’s book in the final days before it’s release on Amazon and in bookstores because it was clear that there was no ghostwriter and Moxley was brutally honest about his personal issues and his time in WWE.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about Moxley and the book and said that he heard from a lot of people who were happy to see what was said about WWE’s Kevin Dunn. Many wrestlers have told stories about Dunn and many of the stories have been negative.

Alvarez said the following on WOL:

“I’ve heard from so many people since that book came out because there was an excerpt from the Kevin Dunn part that was posted on the internet. And a lot of people read that and a lot of people read the book. I heard from a lot of people that were so happy because you know, there’s a lot of people in wrestling that have bad reputations but they still have people you’ll hear from who will defend them. A great example would be like a Vince Russo. Vince Russo drove WCW into bankruptcy practically on his own although he was out of there before they finally went under but he did as much damage as anyone could possibly do to a wrestling company. But he has his defenders. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever heard anybody defend Kevin Dunn, like anybody. I can’t think of one person. He is as close as to universally disliked a person as I can even think of in this business. And when Moxley just razor bladed this guy, boy did I hear people that were so happy to read that chapter.”

Jim Cornette, who has been one of the most vocal people against Dunn, stated on his podcast that he heard that Dunn has a job for life in WWE because his father Dennis saved a bunch of wrestling tapes from being destroyed when his car caught on fire. Tapes were delivered to TV stations during those days so it was crucial to preserve them and Dennis’ son Kevin got a job for life with the company.

If you have not read Moxley’s book, it is really good and every wrestling fan should read it. Here is the excerpt about Kevin Dunn:

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