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A lot of talent unhappy with Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn over what happened last week at Smackdown

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that a lot of the talent on Smackdown was unhappy with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn last week. As previously reported, Zayn and Owens were sent home after the show in Manchester and the story was that they either chose to intentionally blow off a planned spot after the Zayn vs. Kofi Kingston match or there was miscommunication that caused them to blow the spot. Basically, they were supposed to get go back in the ring and get beat up again before retreating and that didn’t happen.

There are two versions of the story being told. One story was that managmeent felt that they were going into business for themselves on live TV and they were yelled at backstage and then told to leave and go home. The other story was that it was a misunderstanding and they were doing what they thought they were supposed to do.

There were people that vehemently denied the latter story and the general belief backstage is that they went into business for themselves and they were looked at as the bad guys in the situation when they were sent home.

Over the weekend, while the talent was still in Europe, Owens was posting what he was doing while he was home, including taking his wife and son to a concert. Also, the wrestlers learned that over the weekend that he was somewhere where there was a wedding taking place after a fan tweeted about it. What happened was that Owens decided to take his family to Epcot Center and figured that since that is where the wedding was taking place then he could surprise the guy at his wedding reception.

That is what started this twitter exchange between Owens and Orton:

Of course, Orton and Owens could be working a Twitter angle but it’s possible that there is some real tension between them since there were people backstage unhappy with what happened in Manchester.

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