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A major former WWE star and All Elite Wrestling are following each other Twitter

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

All Elite Wrestling, LLC

You can expect more big news coming from All Elite Wrestling in the next few weeks. They have a big rally on Tuesday in Jacksonville, Florida and it is expected that more news on the promotion will be released.

There will be a lot of speculation on who will end up joining the promotion. It's worth noting that there are several big WWE contracts expiring this year. One name that has people buzzing is former WWE Universal Champion Bill Goldberg. You read that correctly.

Several readers pointed out that Goldberg is currently following the @ALL_IN_2018 twitter account and the @AEWrestling account. What is even more interesting is that both of those accounts also follow Goldberg. He is the only non-Elite wrestler that they are following so that is going to raise a few eyebrows.

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For some fans, signing someone like Goldberg doesn't make sense but if you are in talks with major cable networks then it does make sense to have a few names on board that cable executives would recognize.

It cost a lot to sign Goldberg but the company is being funded by Jaguars billionaire owner Tony Khan so anything is possible.