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A man tried to abduct WWE's Kayla Braxton at the airport



WWE backstage interviewer averted a really bad situation at the airport this weekend.

Braxton was looking for a rideshare vehicle when she realized the person trying to pick her up was suspicions and not from the rideshare app she was using.

Braxton said, "Ladies be careful at the airports when picking up Uber or Lyft. There’s people tricking woman into thinking they’re their ride and abducting them. A guy just tried it with me and I knew immediately what he was up to. Be aware and take all necessary precautions. It’s a scary world"

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Unfortunately, there are too many stories about women getting into the wrong car with people like the man she described. One thing everyone can do before getting into a rideshare service car is to confirm the driver's license in the app and on the car itself.