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A third surprise for Survivor Series?

Dave Meltzer noted on that (unless plans change) there is supposed to be another surprise at Survivor Series tomorrow (not any of the two names mentioned earlier). This surprise was described as a surprise return “that wouldn’t surprise you too much.” Meltzer noted that he was told that on Monday.

As we first reported earlier, Randy Orton is in St. Louis and is expected to be at the show tomorrow. Meltzer noted that Orton was and always was a possibility but the surprise he’s talking about is not Orton or Sting.

In regards to the Sting rumors, he said that it could be that WWE wants it out and made sure that the Sting news got out or it could be that Mike Johnson knows someone close to Sting. As noted earlier, Jim Ross wondered if the Sting rumor was leaked out by WWE on purpose to generate buzz for the show and get more people to sign up for the WWE Network.

We’ll find out in about 24 hours or so if Sting does indeed make his WWE debut tomorrow.

Santino Marella is scheduled for Raw and I doubt it’s him and I think WWE would be insane to consider Santino a surprise for Survivor Series. My guess would be Roman Reigns. I guess Hulk Hogan would be ok but we’ve seen him on Raw recently. The same goes for Ric Flair.


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