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A virtual fan displayed an image from a KKK rally at the end of WWE Raw



WWE will have to make some adjustments to the fan set up for the ThunderDome shows. if they want to avoid inappropriate images from showing up on their broadcasts.

At the end of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, some fans picked up on what appeared to be an image from a KKK rally on one of the screens. The image was seen during the final segment of the show.

Earlier in the show, a fan displayed a photo of Chris Benoit. Click here to see the image of Benoit that was shown on Raw. During SummerSlam, a fan displayed a "Fire Velveteen Dream" sign. The fan later took to Twitter and claimed that he was kicked out of the ThunderDome after someone in WWE saw the sign. Click here to see the Velveteen Dream sign from SummerSlam.

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Click below to see the KKK image that was displayed at the end of Raw.