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A WWE main roster star returned to NXT



If you were at any of last weekend's NXT shows, then you were probably surprised to see Tyler Breeze and The Revival. It looks like the surprise appearances from main roster stars will continue at the non-televised events.

At Saturday night's show in Orlando, Tye Dillinger made his return to NXT and he got a great ovation when he walked out to the ring. Dillinger defeated Marcel Barthel.

Check out the clips below:

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So what is the deal with these returning stars from the main roster? It's simple. WWE wants to do something nice for the fans and the main roster is bigger than it's ever been so they can't fit everyone on the non-televised events. This is a way to give wrestlers some extra work when creative has nothing for them. It's also a nice way to generate some buzz for the smaller NXT shows and hopefully sell some extra tickets for future shows.

Don't be surprised if you see more main roster stars at future NXT live events.