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A WWE Superstar could be switching brands soon

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It looks like WWE Superstar TJP could be switching brands soon. On this week's episode of 205 Live, the announcers talked about a social media post where TJP hinted at moving to Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live. A couple of weeks ago he posted a photo of himself and said, "Am I 206 yet???"

The post led to speculation online that he was looking to get off 205 Live, which could be a good thing for him since he hasn't been featured much in recent months. A move to Raw or Smackdown Live could open up some opportunities for him.

Dasha Fuentes interviewed him this week after his squash match on 205 Live. TJP said that he wants more competition and if he doesn't get it from 205 Live GM Drake Maverick then he might have to go elsewhere.

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If you watched the show and listened to the commentary, the announcers gave the impression that TJP's time on the brand is limited.