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A WWE vs. Impact Wrestling match took place over the weekend, John Cena’s most shocking losses

The last few days have been slow for wrestling news but things should pick up this week as the hype for Elimination Chamber kicks into another gear. Click here for all of the latest Elimination Chamber news (including spoilers).

WWE has posted a video spotlighting John Cena’s most shocking losses.

Their top list… Carlito (2004), Sheamus (2009), Tensai (2012), John Laurinaitis (2012), Rusev (2015), The Miz (2011), Kevin Federline (2011), Daniel Bryan (2013), Edge (2006), Kevin Owens (2015).

There was a rare WWE vs. Impact Wrestling match on Saturday. No, WWE and Impact are not working together but the match happened because WWE allowed Crews to work for Preston City Wrestling in the UK. WWE has a working relationship with PCW. For those of you wondering, Crews defeated Moose.

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