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A young wrestling fan in ICU got a surprise phone call from Kevin Nash



Say what you want about Kevin Nash but the guy has a big heart.

A young wrestling fan got the surprise of a lifetime when Nash decided to call him in ICU to lift his spirits. The boy has been dealing with health issues for his whole life.

It started with a simple holiday tweet from Nash:

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"Hoping everyone survives the holiday season. The middle class households that have to dump 60 bucks a video game, the hours of non stop sh*t Christmas cover tunes and putting on the happy holiday face when all you can think of is those that have passed. This too will pass,promise"

A fan responded by telling Nash that his son is in ICU and is a big wrestling fan.

Nash responded by asking if the boy could talk on the phone.

The father noted that his son has been in a wheelchair since he was born and has been through many surgeries.

One thing is for sure...that young fan will never ever forget this Christmas. Kudos to Kevin Nash for his act of kindness this holiday season.