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Aalyah and Murphy got a lot closer this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Seth Rollins and Murphy had a one-on-one match this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown while Aalyah Mysterio looked on from the backstage area as Rey and Dominik tried to convince her to leave with them.

Rollins won the match with the stomp to the head but he wasn’t done. Aalyah pleaded with her father and brother to help Murphy as he was about to get beat with the kendo stick. Rey and Dominik refused so Aalyah decided to walk out to ringside to protect Murphy from the beatings.

Dominik ran out and he was attacked and that promoted Rey to run out but Rollins ran out of the ring. Aalyah then helped Murphy up to his feet as Rey and Dominik looked on in shock because had her hands on Murphy’s chest and arm.

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