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Aalyah is not Rey Mysterio's daughter, according to Seth Rollins



Seth Rollins appeared on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw to make a shocking claim.

Rollins told Rey Mysterio that he was able to get a DNA test and the test proves that Aalyah is not his daughter. This is an updated rehash of the storyline from 2005 when Eddie Guerrero claimed to be Dominik's father.

Rollins also mentioned how Aalyah showed compassion for Murphy on last week's show. Mysterio told Rollins to back off because she is only 19 years old and she knows nothing about the wrestling world. Aalyah took offense to this and then walked off.

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So it looks like a new chapter has begun in the feud between Rollins and the Mysterio family with a tease of Aalyah possibly joining Rollins and Murphy soon.

This was a newsworthy show with Retribution revealing their faces for the first time. Click here for news on what happened earlier in the show between Retribution and The Hurt Business.