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Aaron Solow reacts to being called Mr. Bayley during Wrestle Circus event

Aaron Solow and Bayely are a couple who have been together for quite some time and are currently engaged to be married. It might be difficult because The Hugger is always on the road but the pro wrestling couple has found a way to make it work.

While Bayley was making towns with the Raw brand, Solow worked Wrestle Circus’ Raise The Curtain event on Saturday night to defend the Wrestle Circus Big Top Tag Team Championships alongside partner Ricky Starks as Extra Talented. I’m not going to spoil how Extra Talented vs The Dirty Devils ended, but it is worth watching.

The crowd actually chanted “US Marshal” at Ricky Starks before the match even started because he was one of the US Marshals that Roman Reigns destroyed while handcuffed on Raw. Starks no-sold the chants although it had to amuse him, but it turns out Aaron Solow was called something during this match that he didn’t seem to appreciate.

When Solow looked at his phone later that night, he found his notifications were flooded. When he assumed it had to do with the match he just had for Wrestle Circus on Twitch he was correct. But most of the messages had to do with the fact that he was referred to as “Mr. Bayley” multiple times by Rich Bocchini on commentary during the contest.

You can read Solow’s response below and from the look of things he’s not very happy about what he was called. But knowing pro wrestling fans, it might be best for him to keep his displeasure a secret because odds are this could become a common chant in his generation direction if he’s not careful.

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