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Accuser responds to James Ellsworth’s recent statement

A 16-year-old girl is accusing former WWE star James Ellsworth of sending her nude photos through social media. Ellsworth has denied these claims multiple times, and is prepared to take legal action to defend himself. Some more disturbing allegations have come out in regards to the case, which you can read here.

However, Ellsworth recently released another statement denying the allegations from the 16-year-old. His accuser, “Kenzie,” has issued a response. Here’s what she had to say:

“Mr. Ellsworth made a statement. Everyone is sending me. I seen it. Y’all got to think, If a minor “allegedly” accused you of sending nudes, wouldn’t you do everything to save your ass too? People act like he is going to come out and admit it all. I know the truth.

“All the stories I’ve heard about him disgust me. People who worked with him, and know him have told me he’s has done hardcore drugs before also. His own bestfriend is even admitted over a phone call to a girl who has known Jimmy since 2012 that Jimmy has been unspeakable things all his life.

“In all the screenshots girls, people who have worked with him, promoters, wrestlers, etc the reason I blurred out their names out of respect. I don’t need tons of people hitting them up also. It’s funny the account he added me from, tons of girls also sent me that same exact snap, and said that he gave them the exact snapchat to them.

“I’ve heard that Snapchat is one he uses to just add girls. Also, people saying “Well, his face wasn’t in any of the explicit photos”. Let me know when you find a guy who shows his face when he’s taking pictures of his junk. People say “Oh, why’d she give a grown man on snapchat, etc”.

“You guys are telling me, if a wrestler you liked and were a fan of you, you wouldn’t do that to? I have plenty of wrestlers on my snapchat Mojo, Shinsuke, and more). Someone who I was a fan of, met twice, bought his shirt, cheered him at matches, supported his wrestling career, why would I want to ruin his career & life?

“He has kids also, I wouldn’t destroy someone’s family just for the hell of it. If I were to fake a pedo, it wouldn’t be someone as low profile as Ellsworth.”

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