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ACH (Jordan Myles) on Booker T-Triple H angle, Vince McMahon using the n-word on TV, his mental health issues, Jay Lethal, NXT, more

ACH, the man formerly known as Jordan Myles in NXT, did a Q&A on Twitter and he answered a mix of general questions and some questions related to WWE.

On why he says WWE is racist, he repeated what he said about the t-shirt design. He said, “I was lied to, which really hurt my feelings the most. On top of that, if that was their image of me, what does that say about the African American kids that watch it?”

He said he felt the shirt was disrespectful and says the shirt was completely racist and a slap in the face to “all of the viewers who look like me.” He said that yes, WWE has awarded titles to African-American wrestlers but “that doesn’t take away the fact that they’ve done things that were very insensitive to the African-American community.”

He put over Kofi Kingston as one of the greatest of all time but said that doesn’t take away from “all of the stereotypes that they’ve created in the past” and said you have to look at wrestling as a whole. Later in the video, he said he had goosebumps when Kingston won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

He admitted that some of the things he said on social media were said out of emotion but he doesn’t take anything back and everything he said is what he meant.

He was asked if he felt that Booker T was buried by Triple H at WrestleMania XIX. ACH said, “There were definitely some things said in promos that kind of made me feel a little bit uncomfortable, that kind of made me feel a little bit uneasy. What it comes down to [is if] Booker T was comfortable with that. Everybody’s different. Some people like to use that as fuel, some people like to use that as motivation.” He added, “Do I feel it was racist? A little bit. For the most part, that’s something you have to ask Booker.”

On Vince McMahon using the n-word on TV in 2005, he said, “It was tasteless. It was a slap in the face, again to African-Americans and the culture.”

When he was asked what he misses in WWE, he stated that he misses the people. He stated that what is next for him is to go where he can showcase his ability and talent. He wasn’t negative on the idea of going to All Elite Wrestling but he seemed more interested in going to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

On if he thinks WWE will freeze his contract, he declined to answer. As previously noted, although he said he quit the company this week, unless WWE grants him a release from his contract, he won’t be able to wrestle elsewhere. He did admit that he is currently not legally able to wrestle elsewhere as of now.

On rumors that he’s dealing with mental health issues, he said, “I do suffer with anxiety and I do suffer with depression and I can have bad mood swings sometimes. That doesn’t mean that when I speak out that I’m just speaking out and it doesn’t have any meaning behind it. The t-shirt triggered things from my past and it all came up at once and a lot of anger from my past came up with it as well and that caused me to come at people the way that I did. Again, I’m not going to apologize for what I said because what I said, I meant it. That’s just how it goes.”

In regards to his comments about Jay Lethal, he said there is a huge story behind it and added, “to be fair and respectful, I won’t disclose that story. I won’t disclose that story because I won’t throw more salt on his name than I already have. I think any issue between him and I, now that it’s out there, I’m cool and it is what it is. Our beef is our beef. There may not even be any beef and to be fair, there ain’t no beef on my end. I said what I had to say and I’m done. I got everything off my chest, it’s out there in the public eye. If anyone wants to know, your best bet is just to ask him or you can ask around. There were a ton of people there.” He says Lethal did not reach out to him after the tweet. Click here to read what he said about Lethal.

He was asked if there was any chance of working things out to stay in NXT but he refused to answer. He answered “who knows?” when asked when he thinks he will get his WWE release.

You can see the full Q&A video below.

For some context, here is the video of Vince McMahon’s n-word segment that aired over a decade ago and the infamous Booker T-Triple H segment from a 2004 episode of Monday Night Raw.

In 2015 when the Hulk Hogan scandal broke, many pointed to McMahon’s use of the n-word on WWE Raw in 2005. In a statement to TMZ, a WWE rep said that the segment “was an outlandish and satirical skit involving fictional characters, similar to that of many scripted television shows and movies. “


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