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Actor Jason Momoa comments on Roman Reigns comparisons

Over the years, WWE star Roman Reigns has drawn a lot of comparisons to actor Jason Momoa. Reigns is a former WWE World Champion who is currently battling leukemia. Momoa earned his claim to fame through his role on the hit TV series “Game Of Thrones.” He now stars in the new “Aquaman” film which is now in theatres.

As for the comparisons, both men share a similar build, hairstyle, and are very much adored by their female fans. Momoa was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV to promote his “Aquaman” film and commented on the comparisons. He said it would be an honor to meet Reigns one day in person. Check out the clip here below:

“I’ve had it (the comparison) a couple times. I haven’t had the honor of meeting him yet.”

If you’d like to watch Momoa’s full interview with Van Vliet, watch it below here:

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